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We compare and provide information on vegan meal delivery services across Australia to supply you with the information needed to make the right choice for you and your family.

- Updated September 28, 2021
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What is vegan?

A vegan diet is the total restriction of animal products, or by products. A vegan diet is plant based in nature favouring vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and so on. Despite not eating meat, dairy or eggs there is a common misconception that it is difficult to obtain enough protein from a vegan diet. There are plenty of mock-meat and main meal protein alternatives such as soy products i.e., tofu, tempeh, including mock-meats that have gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years among consumers wanting to reduce meat consumption such as vegetarians, pescatarians or even those who still consume meat but are consciously lowering consumption. 

It is important before considering a vegan diet that you consult with a trusted health professional to ensure you don’t risk nutritional deficiency and other dietary associated risks.

Vegan Meals

Are vegan ready to eat meals healthy?

healthy vegan meal delivery services

Not necessarily, despite the vegan label this doesn’t automatically equate to a healthy categorisation. One person’s idea of health is different to the next, and it’s important to view meals individually as everyone’s needs are entirely different.

Keep a lookout for frozen meals as they can be high in sodium, preservatives, additives, and can lack a mix of plant-based ingredients. Like all pre-prepared meals nutrients can be lost through food preparation, storage, delivery and reheating. This often results in the losing water-soluble based vitamins such as vitamin B and C mostly (Miller, Knudson 2014) .

However, despite loss of water-soluble vitamins some vegetables are able to retain antioxidant activity and nutrient levels can remain stable after freezing (Dewanto et al 2002).

If you are after a healthy vegan meal delivery service it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each meal service and adjust accordingly to your individual health needs, requirements and health-oriented goals.

What is the cheapest vegan meal delivery service?

Vegan Meal Services Delivered

Meal Services are getting more and more affordable, we’ve listed our favourites below:

The cheapest vegan meal kit available on the market is Dinnerly starting from $4.85 per serve

Otherwise, the cheapest ready to eat vegan meal delivery is Soulara starting from $8.50 per serve.

What is the best vegan-only meal delivery service in Australia?

Soulara is one of Australia’s favourite vegan meal delivery services, with its services catering delicious and wholesome recipes. You’ve more than likely seen them before with their recognisable clean branding and packaging, with focuses surrounding recyclable packaging and clear messaging.

Their menu is versatile and impressive with over 60+ options to choose from with attention to natural flavours, local produce and sources of quality plant-based protein. All Soulara meals are dietitian designed ensuring nutritional care and thoughtful eating with each meal.

Soulara is a great vegan-only meal delivery service for those wanting to remove the stress out of cooking, secure a backup meal to leave in the fridge for those busy days or perhaps as a base meal that you can add to – to increase your veggie intake! For those of you wanting to learn how to include more plant-based foods – even if you’re a meat-eater this is a must-try!

Meal Delivery Service

What are the Pros & Cons of Vegan meal delivery?

vegan pros and cons fresh veggies

Vegan Meal Pros

Vegan Meal Cons

Most popular vegan delivery in NSW


This Sydney based vegan meal delivery company that has gained huge popularity for their wholesome dietitian created meal range starting from $8.95 – $11.50 per meal. Soulara home delivers high quality fresh seasonal meals that are  protein-rich and plant-based. The Soulara packaging is 100% recyclable and meals only require 5-6 days to plan the batch within their production schedule. Options available for delivery include; Main meals, Breakfasts and Extras.

Check out our Sydney Vegan Meal Delivery page for more services. 

soulara in NSW

Most popular vegan delivery in Victoria

Garden of Vegan

This vegan delivery service delivers meals that are designed by health professionals focusing on 100% certified organic ingredients, preservative free and additive-free. Options available for delivery include; meals, produce boxes, essential pantry items, snacks and desserts. Meals start from $14.95 and shipping is available Australia wide (excluding Perth).

Check out our Melbourne Vegan Meal Delivery page for more options.

Most popular vegan delivery in Queensland

My Muscle Chef

This service is a household favourite with offerings including their meat and vegetarian based meals – they have recently launched vegan meal plans that have gained fast popularity.  Options avaliable include; main meals and snacks with packs starting from $99.95. Delivery is available Australia wide, and all packaging is recyclable, BPA free and microwave safe.

Most popular vegan delivery in other states

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is gaining a lot of attention with the introduction of their vegan meal kits. They have an array of rotating recipes with low calorie and family-friendly meal options too. They currently deliver to most areas in NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, NT and WA. 

Most popular vegan delivery in NSW, QLD, ACT, SA and TAS

Chef Good

Chef Good is a popular vegan food delivery service catering too many states across Australia. They offer a range of vegan ready to eat meals delivered straight to your door using fresh local produce an high quality ingredients. You can choose from a range of meal plans with no lock in contracts – you can cancel or pause your meals at any time for the ultimate convenience!

Key factors when comparing vegan meal delivery companies

When choosing which vegan meal delivery service suits you best, it’s worth considering these factors:

Nutritional Balance

Compare providers on their nutritional components, check to see which services are designed by nutritionists or qualified health professionals.

Compare nutritional panels and ingredients lists to meet your individual needs – most vegan meals will highlight  specific nutrients such as protein, calcium, b12 etc. You can compare different brands by looking at the nutrients per 100g columns.

To nutritionally optimise meals you can always add extras to meals to increase nutrient density of meals such as sprinkling nutritional yeast on meals for an extra serve of b12. 


Check to see portion of meals, commonly with vegan meals they can be lower in energy (kilojoules) which can require higher volumes of food to meet dietary needs and create satiety with meals. Sizes may not conducive with producing satisfying meals – consider your personal appetite levels, you may need to add to meals to create more satiating meals.

Each providers meals are based on different serves, from per person to weekly allowances and more. Compare providers based on how many meals per week you receive to meet your expectations.

Cost & Conditions

Each company has differing costs per meal or per meal plans.

Compare each company on a similar basis i.e. week to week or meal to meal to determine the best value.

Costs often are lower with the higher meal commitment i.e. subscribing to a weekly service versus 3 meals.

Delivery Times

Compare each provider based on its handling and delivery times.

Each providers allowances are different and are often based around the locations of main kitchens. Another factor to compare are delivery costs, and if there are free delivery standards per spending a certain amount.

Vegan Meal Delivery FAQs

Garden of Vegan offers 100% certified organic vegan-only meal delivery options with a range of dietary friendly offerings such as gluten-free meals.

There are vegan meal kits available, popular offerings are:

1. Dinnerly
2. Marley Spoon 

It really depends if you are looking at the cost on a per meal or subscription basis. Each meal service offers different meal services, from one-off orders to 5-day packs to weekly subscription types. Generally speaking, the longer, the subscription commitment i.e., the more meals ordered, the cheaper the meal individually equates to.

Dinnerly offer a very competitive price point meals starting from $4.85 per portion

Not all providers cater to dietary requirements, there are quite a few that offer some tailoring – some popular services include: 

Herbidoor – 
They offer options such as: Sesame Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Onion Free, Garlic Free, Peanut free, Nut Free and Ginger Free. 


Delidoor – ​​

They offer options such as Dairy Free and Gluten Free.

Garden of Vegan –
They offer options such as: Soy Free, Nut Free, Grain Free, Chilli Free, Onion Free, Garlic Free, Citrus Free, Sesame Free. 

A vegan diet is a strict elimination of all animal products, whereas a plant-based diet doesn’t eliminate animal products – instead focuses on eating predominately plants I.e. fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains etc (Hever, 2016)

With any dietary choice or restriction there are associated downsides whether this be socially choice can become complicated or scarce when eating out, financially this can create higher costing grocery choices or meal options – it can also present nutritional risks when implemented without care. It’s important to always consult with a healthcare professional before making dietary choices.

Particular risks associated with vegan diets are the risk of creating nutritionally imbalanced meals, non-satiating meals and nutritional deficiencies with inadequate dietary planning.

At this stage Hellofresh doesn’t have a vegan meal kit, they do however have a veggie plan option which is suitable to those who are vegetarian or wanting to reduce their meat consumption and increase vegetable options at meal time. 

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