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Looking for the best vitamins to meet your individual needs? Not sure how to compare vitamins or where to start? Looking into vitamin subscriptions or vitamin packs may be just the place to start! Vitamin subscriptions are gaining massive interest in Australia, here’s what you need to know!

- Updated July 17, 2021
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What is a vitamin subscription service?

A vitamin subscription service is a tailored vitamin and supplement pack organised around a consumer’s health goals.

A health questionnaire is completed with generalised goal-driven enquiries narrowing down the consumer’s needs and wants. Once recommendations are made sachets are put together with several vitamins matching the consumers’ needs for a monthly service delivered straight to their doorstep. The vitamin subscription box generally can be stopped and commenced as pleased, with no lock-in contracts. 

This service eliminates the complexities of customers choosing their vitamins in stores, removing problematic buying often leading to incorrect choices.

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How do vitamin subscriptions work?

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Initially when enquiring into a custom vitamin subscription a very generalised health questionnaire is completed exploring health goals, lifestyle factors and diet. These answers help determine the company to choose vitamins pairing to your needs. Usually, there is a cocktail of suggestions ranging anywhere from a B Complex for energy improvements to omega 3 for skin complaints.

Once you have processed your order, the vitamin subscription company will send a 30-day selection in daily sachets to your door for the ultimate convivence. This process eliminates the intimidating chemist walks, the supplement shelf searches and incorrect buying many Australian’s experiences when in search of the best vitamin to suit their individual needs.

Once you are near the end of your initial 30 days another subscription can be followed up to continue supplementation.

What are the Pros & Cons of Vitamin Subscriptions?

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Vitamin Pack Pros

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What are the best vitamin subscription companies catering to Australia?


Vitable has gained massive popularity in the Australian Market, with it’s easy to follow buying process and health questionnaire many consumers are opting to subscribe to their vitamin packs.

They boast personalisation, high quality and are proudly Australian. All products are created and shipped in Australia following rigorous Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) and GMP standards. Within the monthly vitamin packs, customers will receive 30 sachets containing their recommended vitamin and supplements in a dispenser for consumer convenience. Each order also receives an informational booklet outlining each vitamin with its unique benefits, including any other relevant information such as directions of use and ingredients. Once consumers near to the end of the monthly vitamin box the next shipment is prepared, lining up perfectly for the next order.

Shipping is Australia wide (includes New Zealand and Singapore), domestic shipping is free with orders over $30 and can take anywhere between 1-8 days.


Vitally is a New Zealand based company which offers shipping globally. Vitally is attracting a lot of attention with it’s high quality, consumer-focused approach. The process is simple and quick from the start with an initial health quiz, confirmation of subscription allowing for add ons and customisation of recommended packs, followed by shipping confirmation – and voila! The most attractive components of Vitally are the recommendations are based on nutritionists and their promise to selection being made based on evidence based medicine. Vitally have also made customer-friendly touches that other services haven’t thought of including reminders being sent out to customers to take their daily vitamins.

Persona Nutrition

Persona is a US based company now offering shipping to Australia. They are proudly boastful of their doctor-approved recommendations. Again, like other services they follow a quiz-based start, followed with an approved subscription and delivering a monthly subscription of vitamins. They do promote a follow-up initiative with their attentive team of full-time nutritionists.

Due to their location they can take up to 30 days to deliver to Australia, which may not be suited for customers needing a quicker turnaround. 


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Vitl is a UK based company that offers vitamin subscription services based on a tailored recommendation suiting consumers needs. They stand a little bit differently in comparison to other custom vitamin subscriptions with their ‘Tailor-made supplements and at‑home nutrition tests’. Not only do they offer the very similar health quiz, coined as a ‘consultation’, they provide blood testing for vitamin analysis and DNA testing claiming to optimise health around genetic testings. The company utilises nutritionists and dietitians including other qualified professionals along the whole process. Drawing similarities with the other companies the recommended vitamins are placed into daily sachets based on their tailored recommendations at a monthly subscription.

They now cater to Australia with shipping taking up to 7-10 days, with 1 day dispatch allowance.


Key factors when comparing Vitamin subscription companies

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when making comparisons between vitamin subscription services. The main comparative features to look out for include:

Price per monthly subscription

Bang for your buck! Is the number and quality of vitamins worthy in comparison to other providers? It’s important to compare how many vitamins you are receiving in the sachets, costs of delivery and handling, and any other additional add-on costs before committing to a service.

Reputability of vitamin Brand

Is the service provider using high quality reputable brands? Do you recognise any brands that they are using i.e. blackmores, bioceuticals, etc. Are the vitamins trustworthy? For example are they scientifically backed, manufactured in Australia, are they allergy sensitive and so on.

The credibility of health professionals prescribing the packs

It’s important to investigate if the service provider is utilising staff who have credibility in nutrient prescription i.e. clinical nutritionists, naturopaths, dietitians etc. A further dive into the level of qualification is important to determine legitimacy of recommendations i.e. university qualified and registered practitioners.

Delivery and processing times

An often missed comparison factor is the delivery and handling time allowances. Compare the handling time for preparing packs, and on top of that inclusion the estimated time allowances for shipping. Handling times on top of delivery can often contribute to much longer expected delivery durations.

Vitamin Subscription FAQs

B Complexes are often a go-to suggestion with their potential benefits around improving the severity of stress, mood and energy complaints. B Complex generally include all 8 B vitamins and these vitamins play an important part energy production, transforming the food we consume into usable sparks of energy (Kennedy 2016)

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant involved in mood, stress, fatigue and mental health conditions (Oliveria, 2015). As well as selenium which plays a key role in bodily processes such as thyroid function and metabolism (Ventura, Melo 2017). Selenium helps fight oxidative stress, whilst data suggests may play a part in preventative roles in cardiovascular disease and mental decline (Santos et al. 2014).

Vitamins are indicated in individualised circumstances, and should only be sought out with guidance from a health professional.

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions in the body and is linked to several potential health benefits including potentially assisting in sleep quality. Studies have concluded participants to have experienced more restful and deeper sleep when supplementing with magnesium (Baaij et al 2015).

Tart Cherry has received equal attention in its potential benefits for improving sleep quality. Tart Cherry contains the hormone melatonin, which is known for its sleep-promoting quality, which may assist those with trouble falling asleep, maintaining sleep and depth quality (Zeng et al 2014).

Omega 3 and Vitamin D are both essential in the regulation of serotonin which in turn assists in sleep regulation. Vitamin D in particular correlates with improving sleep quality and efficiency in those with interruptive sleep (St-Onge et al 2016).

Vitamins are indicated in individualised circumstances, and should only be sought out with guidance from a health professional.

The process of picking vitamins is done for you – that’s the beauty of the service! Once you’ve completed the health quiz, vitamins will be recommended to suit your health goals and they are shipped at your convenience. If for any reason you wish to remove or add vitamins at your own accord, there are abilities to do so along the process line too.

The value seen in vitamin subscriptions is entirely subjective. As seen within the pros and cons list there are several factors suggesting the worth of vitamin subscriptions.

Vitamins are indicated in individualised circumstances, and should only be sought out with guidance from a health professional.

The most reputable vitamin subscription in Australia at this stage is Vitable. They have received many positive acknowledgements and reviews building fast popularity in the market. Their functionality and easy to use subscription platform make for a seamless shopping experience with fast ordering capabilities. 

Vitable is manufactured in Australia, and claim their vitamins are 100% backed by science. They also claim no nasties, non-GMO and is considerate around those with allergies and dietary restrictions.

Unfortunately, despite Blackmores products being widely available in many storefronts and chemists, the B(more) subscription is a service exclusive to online orders at this stage.
It is not compulsory to complete the order, however there is the option to speak to a qualified naturopath to seek further clarification or suggestions around your order or personal concerns. It is encouraged to utilise this service if you are unsure with proceeding, you can chat online using an e-messenger service through the website or alternatively you can call the team directly.
Blackmores is a credible household name and has built a reputation for providing trustworthy and reliable supplements in the health and wellness industry for decades. The company hires qualified natural health practitioners to assist consumers in decision making and can be utilised along the b(more) process, as well as other stages throughout using the website. Although Vitable has become known for its vitamin subscription services early on, B(more) is a definitely a reliable service that consumers may prefer to utilise due to the reliability of Blackmores products and services.

B(mores) allow for independent ordering; this can be arranged as well as or away from the recommended vitamin packs.

Vitable allows you to add vitamins to your pack as an additional. Consumers can browse their health goal categories such as hair, nails, skin, energy and allocate their vitamins to their prescribed pack.


Vitally is similar to Vitable in the sense that you can add your vitamin of choice to your pack.


Original Vitamins also allows you to customise your own blends and shop their pre-blends. 

Vitamins are often taken without the necessary need or without professional guidance. Vitamins do have a place for those who are in need whether it be prenatal care, during pregnancy, for those breastfeeding, the elderly, those with nutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, illness and so on.

Before choosing vitamins or supplements, you must consult with your doctor before taking any new vitamins.

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