Multivitamins vs a Personalised Vitamin Subscription — Which One’s Better?

Considering whether you should stick to your usual bottle of multivitamins, or embark on a brand new journey with a personalised vitamin subscription service? Let us help you out with that dilemma. 

If you’ve always resorted to getting your vitamins from pharmacies and health food stores (which can be really overwhelming!), not knowing what you really need but grabbing a bottle of multivitamins with every visit, it’s not too late to know better. 

Contrary to popular belief, popping multivitamins daily isn’t a quick fix to your health concerns or an easy way to help boost your immune system. Whilst there are plenty of supplements sold on the market, the quality and efficacy of these supplements can vary greatly. And if you’re just blindly popping any multivitamin you get off the shelf, chances are, you’re not giving your body what it really needs. 

It’s more beneficial to get a vitamin combination that’s personalised to you — your lifestyle and diet, so you know exactly which part of your body you’re working on, and what you’re working towards. Getting a vitamin subscription from a company with transparency and sustainability in mind, and lots of scientific research behind it is much safer and more effective than purchasing random multivitamins. You can compare Vitamin subscription providers in Australia here.

Still feeling sceptical about getting a custom vitamin pack tailored to your needs? Read on. 

Why aren’t multivitamins seen as effective? 

It’s pretty simple — multivitamins try to cater to everyone, and in doing so, they don’t really cater to anyone at all. It works in theory, but in reality, everyone has different diets, needs, goals and lifestyles. Someone who doesn’t get enough minerals and nutrients in their diet can’t expect a multivitamin to fill up all those gaps in their body. It just doesn’t work that way. 

Generic multivitamins are also known as ‘confetti formulas’, where ingredients are included in amounts so small that they don’t actually have the potency to produce an effect — sprinkled in like confetti. Although multivitamins claim to have a long list of active ingredients, it can be very misleading, as they likely do not contain enough of the ingredients you actually need. 

There just isn’t sufficient space in one tablet to fit in substantial doses of all the good stuff!

Studies have shown that there really aren’t any substantial benefits to consuming multivitamins — it doesn’t reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer, memory loss or heart attacks. In fact, high doses of vitamins A and E can ironically be harmful to your body. 

What’s so great about a personalised vitamin pack subscription? 

One key advantage is that rather than getting a confetti formula in a multivitamin, you’re getting the full potency of each vitamin with a vitamin pack. Nourish your body with full, individual capsules, and not 30 different trace amounts that aren’t potent enough to have an impact. 

Companies like Vitable have carefully formulated each vitamin capsule to only contain ingredients that you need, in their best form. More often than not, they’ve also paired the vitamin with other ingredients, such as Vitamin C with rosehip extract — to make an antioxidant-rich blend for optimal absorption. 

vitable australia

And the best part? If you want to switch things up by focusing on another health goal you can easily adjust your subscription so you stop taking that vitamin, and replace it with something else instead. 

Each individual’s nutrient requirements vary, influenced by factors such as age, level of activity and life situation. For example, women with heavier periods need more iron, whilst uni students require more brain support to deal with all that studying. 

In order to capture all these different lifestyles and factors, many companies provide questionnaires that help determine what vitamins or supplements are best for you, and then create a unique vitamin combination that provides exactly what you need. 

By answering very simple and straightforward questions in a quick online quiz, like “How old are you?”, “How would you describe your diet?”, and “How many days do you exercise per week on average?”, algorithms on these websites can quickly and efficiently estimate which nutrients you might be deficient in. 

Final words of advice 

Ultimately, you should always consult your physician before taking any medications or supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions, or are already on other medications. It’s best to be safe about the possible side effects and risks. 

At the end of the day, we reckon that personalised vitamin subscriptions triumph over multivitamins. The quality and dosage of ingredients are better, they come conveniently packaged in daily plastic-free packs for easy consumption at home or on the go, and they’re completely fuss-free — all you need to do is complete a simple quiz! Not to mention the fact that you can get them delivered straight to your doorstep, what a seamless experience.

Apart from the sleek aesthetic that most of these vitamin subscription brands have, don’t forget to look beyond that and have a good look at the research, testing, and quality behind the brand’s products. You should have full knowledge over what you’re consuming, and make sure no synthetic fillers, unnecessary ingredients, or artificial colorings have been added to make the vitamins more appealing in any way. 

Hesitate no more and get started on a brand new vitamin subscription journey today — nothing’s better than having peace of mind, knowing that an awesome algorithm tailored a vitamin combination to you and your needs. We recommend checking out Vitable if you haven’t already – Use the code WELLHUB50 when checking out at Vitable to get 50% off your first month.

Oh and one more thing — besides taking vitamins, the same old advice rings true if you want to stay healthy: have a balanced diet.

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