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Looking for an Australian Food Box supplier? We have uncovered Australia’s best fruit and vegetable delivery, meat box delivery and snack subscription boxes. We have outlined why a food box is the best option for you as well as some important considerations to make when choosing your next delivery.

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Updated May 3, 2024
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What is a Food Box?

There are two main types of ‘food boxes’; meal kits that consist of a range of ingredients and recipe for home cooking specific dishes, or vegetable, meat and fruit boxes that are deliveries of an asortment of fresh produce for you to cook and use as you please.

Getting fresh, local produce every week is easy and convenient with food boxes. Food boxes are exactly what they sound like—they are boxes of food that are delivered right to your door.

Food box delivery services like fruit and vegetable boxes are popular because they typically come straight from the farm sourcing local fresh ingredients delievered straight to your doorstep for the ultimate convenience! By doing this, you not only benefit local farmers, but you also keep meals interesting and varied. 

Types of Food Boxes

Food boxes of all kinds, including fruit boxes, meat boxes, snack boxes, and pantry boxes, are shipped throughout Australia. We have divided our choices into the following categories in order to present you with Australia’s top food boxes: 

  • Fruit & Vegetable Boxes 

Fruit Boxes and Vegetable Boxes typically can be purchased exclusively or as a combination box. You can choose boxes that feed singles, couples, families and workspaces. Produce is selected based on popularity, usability and of course seasonality. Often enough you will find certain fruit and veg delivery partners will provide an option to add to the box including pantry extras, meats and more! 

  • Meat (inc. poultry & fish) Boxes

Meat boxes or butcher boxes provide a range of meats from poultry, meat to ranges of seafood options too! Depending on your preferences you can seek out meat box delivery services that cater to your dietary requirements, follow high standard practices such as sustainably sourced and ethically raised meat and seafood options, as well as sourcing out products that are free of nasties such as antibiotics & hormones. Whatever your preferences are there is a box for you below! 

  • Grocery & Snack Boxes

Grocery and snack boxes provide a range of options to suit most snackers from a box of chips to healthy snack boxes or even kid-friendly snack options for the pickiest of eaters. Choose a one-time pantry box or a snack subscription box that delivers weekly – the choice is yours!

What products are usually in a food box?

A food box typically contains a variety of grocery items or pantry staples. The specific products can vary depending on the food box provider and the type of food box, but some common items you may find in a food box include canned goods (such as beans, soups, or vegetables), pasta, rice, sauces, condiments, snacks (such as chips, granola bars, or nuts), baking supplies, beverages (such as tea, coffee, or juice), spices, and fresh produce, meats or dairy products.

The range and assortment of products aims to provide a mix of essentials or specific items that can be used to create meals or snacks according to your preferences and needs. 

The Best Food Boxes

Best Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

Farmers PickFarmers Pick delivers fruit and vegetable boxes deemed not ‘pretty’ enough for supermarket shelves. Each box is filled with a variety of fresh and seasonal imperfect products delivered from the farm to your door. There are flexible box sizes and you can customise your box with one of pantry items and add ons. The boxes are up to 30% less than supermarkets!

Alpha Fresh – Alpha Fresh delivers meat boxes, and fruit and veggie boxes across the local Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding regions. Enjoy one of their fruit or vegetable boxes, which come in sizes and combinations to suit most tastes, including market choices, Asian veg boxes, soup boxes, and summer fruit boxes. 

OooobyWe are calling Sydney to try Ooooby! Enjoy weekly deliveries of organic and biodynamic products, including fruit and veg boxes, while also supporting local farmers! They provide stand-alone fruit and vegetable boxes as well as combo boxes starting at $35.

Doorstep OrganicsDoorstep Organics offers organic seasonal boxes of fruit only, vegetables only or combination boxes. Specialty boxes are also offered within each category, such as stir fry boxes that are packed with Asian vegetables and pineapple for a sweet hit. Currently they service all of greater metro Sydney, The Central Coast, Wollongong, Berry, Canberra, Newcastle and The Blue Mountains.

Harris FarmWith their fruit snacking box, juicing box, Mediterranean fruit and veg box, office fruit and snack box, stir fry bundles, and other options, Harris Farm offers a variety of fruit and vegetable boxes. Boxes start from $20 and delivery to NSW, ACT, VIC, and QLD areas is available.

Good & FuglyEvery food box from Good & Fugly fights against food waste! Fresh, in-season produce is sent directly from farmers to fill their produce boxes. Various fruit and vegetable boxes, veggie only boxes, and fruit only boxes are currently available. Deliveries are now made to Melbourne and Sydney, and box prices include delivery!

Best Meat Boxes

Butcher CrowdAustralia-wide meat and seafood boxes can be ordered from Butcher Crowd. All of their meat and wild-caught seafood are free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones. They provide non-GMO, sustainably sourced, and certified humanely raised products. Join Butcher Crowd on a subscription plan to receive your box for $20 less each month.

Our CowOur Cow is a meat subscription box that is delivered straight from the farmer to your door. Our Cow works with farmers to provide grass fed beef, organic chicken, free range pork and grass fed lamb as frequently as you wish. Build your own box or choose from one of Our Cows pre-built boxes.

Harris FarmA variety of meat and seafood boxes are available from Harris Farm, including barbeque meat boxes, bacon bundles, organic meat bunches, and more. Delivery is offered to areas in NSW, ACT, VIC, and QLD, and boxes start from $40.

Fresh BoxFresh Boxed offers free delivery on purchases over $150 to the Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, and Shellharbour. They provide seafood and meat combo boxes as well as entertainer boxes packed with a variety of seafood, including prawns, sashimi, and oysters. Additionally, they provide bread goods, pantry goods, and boxes of fruits and vegetables!

Alpha FreshAre you looking for a meat box delivery service in Canberra, Queanbeyan, or the nearby areas? Look no further, Alpha Fresh offers a selection of meat boxes, including bulk, roast, and BBQ meat box options. Customers at Alpha Fresh can also shop for a variety of seafood options and individual grocery items.

Best Grocery & Snack Boxes

GoodnessMe Box Nutritionist-approved GoodnessMe Boxes are filled to the brim with full-sized and fun-sized wholefood snacks. 

Each box will leave you satisfied and inspired as it is filled with new treats or snacks that cater to special dietary requirements. Products are always additive-free, all-natural, and ethical. You can select a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month box subscription.

Snack ProudSnack Proud sells snack subscriptions and snack boxes filled with health focused foods and drinks. Small-batch Australian snacks that are flavorful but free of common allergens are included in each of their boxes. Discover their selection of dietary-specific snacks, such as their gluten-free, low-calorie, and keto snack boxes as well as their low-calorie snack boxes. They provide nationwide delivery in Australia and can also deliver in New Zealand.

SnackwizeSnackwize offers snack boxes for the home and the office. Deliveries of all-natural foods free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives are available. There is something for everyone, regardless of your diet preferences—paleo, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, or gluten intolerant. They also deliver all around Australia!

TukrTukr offers a selection of healthy snacks that are geared towards meeting different nutritional needs. They offer snack boxes for use at home and at the office in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Along with your favourite snacks like protein bars, dried fruit, and popcorn, you may also add extras from their snack arcade.

Snackbox CoSnackbox Co offers a selection of tasty premium healthy snacks in the form of balls, bars, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, popcorn, crisps, and chocolate that are delivered to you in a variety of flavours. There is something for everyone in their selection of snack boxes, which range from tasting boxes to more dietary-focused options like a protein or vegan box. Snackbox Co provides delivery all around Australia.

What is the difference between Meal Kits & Food Boxes?

A meal kit is a subscription-based service that provides pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for specific meals, offering convenience and variety for meal planning.

On the other hand, a food box can be a subscription or a one-time purchase that includes a selection of grocery items or pantry staples, allowing for more flexible meal preparation. The items in a food box are generally not organised into specific recipes.

While meal kits focus on providing complete meals with customized options, food boxes offer a variety of non-perishable items without specific recipes.

Pros and Cons of Food Box Delivery

Food Box Pros

Food Box Cons

Key factors when comparing Food Box Delivery

When comparing different food box delivery services, there are a few important things to bear in mind. The primary comparison characteristics to watch out for are:

Cost & Value

The cost will depend on a number of variables, including the quality of the produce offered, its sourcing, delivery, selection, and size of food boxes. A general rule of thumb is that whether an order is large or small, ordering more will typically result in a higher saving because purchasing in bulk enables providers to provide more competitively. Calculate your typical grocery bill and compare it to the cost of a food box delivery (including any delivery costs) to determine its worth.

Quality of Produce

Work out what your personal standards or wants are with produce. Are you wanting to ensure all meat you buy is free-range? Organic? Do you have a preference of meat type or cut? Those following a higher standard of quality will naturally have a higher price point.

Source of Produce

Consider where the produce is being sourced from. Are they locally sourcing produce from a near-by farm or outsourcing? How do they care for their produce? Is it organic? Are they hormone-free meats? 

Customisation Options

Do food boxes allow for modifications? Can you ask to have a particular vegetable type removed or for additional potatoes this week? Many boxes let you add items, but not all of them let you remove them. If you consider this to be an important inclusion, include it in your list of requirements when searching for a food box provider.

Food Box Delivery FAQs

This will depend, several variables will influence this. Food quality and product sourcing for food boxes are typically more concentrated on offering high-quality and high-standard items. When ordering in larger quantities, there is also room for more affordable or competitively priced produce, which is particularly true when eating seasonally.

It’s difficult to overlook Harris Farm if you’re seeking for a broad supplier who provides not just fruit and vegetables but also meat boxes. Additionally, they provide entertaining packs and snack combos. They ship to areas in NSW, ACT, VIC, and QLD, and their prices are consistent with other food box suppliers.

If you are looking for a meat box Butcher Crowd offers a range of meat and seafood boxes. All their meat and wild-caught seafood are free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones. They also are non-GMO, sustainably sourced, and certified humanely raised products.

If you are looking for a snack box try out the GoodnessMe Boxes. GoodnessMe Boxes are all nutritionist-approved wholefood snacks!

Like anything it’s all about moderation and balance. Your version of ‘healthy’ is different to the next person. If you are needing to meet certain dietary requirements or choices, filter out food boxes based on your concerns. 

If you are looking for a snack box that is focused around well-balanced or healthy alternatives check out SnackProud. Explore their dietary-specific snacks, including their gluten-free, low-calorie and more snack specific boxes.

Depending on the type of product, each provider will have a different strategy for maintaining the freshness of their supply. Typically, you select a delivery date and time that works for you, and each supplier will pack their goods in accordance with their specific quality assurance standards. For example, meat and cold goods will have the proper cooling systems, such as ice packs and packaging, to ensure that they stay safe for the designated amounts of time. If you are unsure about your temperature safety zones, research the delivery and packing standards for your preferred providers.