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We compare the best Kosher Meals Australia has to offer and show you how to draw comparisons to make the most suitable choices for you and your family.

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Updated December 23, 2021
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What makes a meal kosher?

Kashrut is a set of Jewish laws that prescribe which foods are permitted to be eaten and how they must be prepared and eaten. Kosher foods are those that meet the standards of Kashrut and are fit to eat.

Those that want to choose Kosher foods can look out for the Kosher Certification. For foods to be considered certified the food undergoes an examination of the ingredients, including the production and the preparation process (Parliament of Australia 2021). Kosher foods are generally categorised into three main categories: Meat, Dairy and Pareve.

When analysing the meat process, manufacturers must maintain kosher integrity during their production methods. There are specific animals that are considered safe to be consumed, however meat to be kosher must be prepared by the process of shechitah which is the method of slaughtering animals for consumption, this is to be performed by a skilled professional.

Sources of dairy must come from a kosher animal and must not be mixed or consumed with meat or poultry products.

Pareve foods mustn’t contain dairy or meat, these foods are considered to be fruits, vegetables, grains, juice, eggs (from a kosher animal) and fish (that have both fins and scales – must not be eaten with meat) (Authority 2017). You can read about “How to Read a Food Label in Australia“, to help you identify your dietary requirements.

Currently, there seems to be a gap in the market for servicing Kosher food online. There are currently no found kosher meal plans or kosher food list designed services in Australia at the moment.

Alternatively, below are some businesses that supply kosher main meals, catering and similar services:

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Geelong, Brisbane and surrounding areas:

Continental Kosher Butchers – this service isn’t your typical meal services with a menu of prepared meals to choose from. However, there are some frozen options such as kosher entrée or kosher dinner options such as frozen dim sims, potato fries, onion rings etc. They also provide kosher food online from meat options, pasta, small goods, groceries and so on.

They offer local pick up and delivery options for inner and outer Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Geelong, Brisbane and surrounding areas.


Kosher Meals-On-Wheels – was initially created to cater to those that needed assisted support around meals that are unable to source or prepare their own meals. This type of service can accommodate anyone from seniors, disabled, those experiencing illness or injury and on compassionate grounds.

The service doesn’t require a lock-in contract, with flexible arrangements to suit the needs of the consumer. This service is available for fresh delivery on the Eastern Suburbs, otherwise, frozen meals are available to the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. There are currently no available pricing lists on their website, however, there is a menu to select and return for orders.

Lewis Kosher – offer an online order system from their café menu, as well as a catering option for home, venues, hotels, hospitals and airline cuisines. All items available are upheld to strict kosher standard, with a variety of food options available to suit most people. Lewis Kosher is located in Bondi, NSW local and offers delivery options.

Katzy’s by Kosherworld – are a Bondi, NSW based service offers offer eat-in, prepared kosher food online to order including kosher dinner and lunch options, catering and Shabbat menu that just requires heating. Food can be ordered online and arranged for pick up or delivery depending on your location.

Are there any kosher meal delivery kits?

meal delivery-min

Unfortunately, at this stage, there are no identifiable kosher-certified meal delivery kits in Australia.

Continental Kosher Butchers however offer a wide range of kosher food products available online to order, including meat, fish, pantry items, small goods, beverages and so on, with recipes online to follow so consumers can create kosher meals at home.

Who are the best kosher meal delivery providers?

At this stage, the best Kosher meal delivery options are:

Lewis Kosher – as they offer their café menu, as well as a catering option for home, venues, hotels, hospitals and airline cuisines food options.

Katzy’s by Kosherworld – as they offer eat-in, prepared food to order including, catering options and a Shabbat menu.


What are the Pros & Cons of kosher Meals?

low carb meals pros and cons

Kosher Meal Service Pros

Kosher Meal Service Cons

Key factors when comparing kosher meal companies

When choosing the right option for you, consider the following factors:


As options are sparse, finding a reliable meal delivery service Australia wide is challenging. There are a few options available in Sydney mostly in the Eastern Suburbs which deliver locally. However, there may be options outside of standard delivery such as restaurants or cafes in your local area that may be able to accommodate preparing fresh or frozen kosher meals upon request. If there is a kosher restaurant in your area that you love, it may be worth asking for this type of service. 

 Kosher Certification

It’s important to ensure the meals you are purchasing are made in a kosher kitchen and are certified kosher meals before committing.

If you have particular standards around delivery such as packaging, sealed foods, utensils it’s also important to explore these specifications before ordering.


As kosher-certified food is typically more expensive, it is important to draw comparisons between businesses for their value. This can be decided by the quantity or volume received, if buying multiple meals are incentivised or if delivery costs are included.


As there are still very limited options in Australia for kosher meal deliveries, it is important to scope out the company’s menu range or options. Some menus only offer a selected option of main meals that only offer up to 5-10 options. Whereas some companies offer a variety of options including different options from Shabbat and catering.

Kosher Meal Delivery FAQs

Typically, yes kosher foods that are certified are more expensive than non-kosher foods. However, Pareve foods that are neutral such as fruits, vegetables, grains and so on are typical market prices.

Although research hasn’t proven that kosher food is safer to eat, the methods in which foods such as meats are prepared may decrease the chances of spreading foodborne illness.

For an organisation to claim food as Kosher they must follow the relevant standards and laws fit by Kashrut in terms of preparing and sourcing ingredients. Once manufacturers receive correct certification and standards are met the food product can be marketed and packaged as kosher certified by that organisation (Murphy 2017).

As options are scarce there isn’t a noticeably cheap service, Lewis Kosher or Katzy’s by Kosherworld are affordable options if you are Sydney based.

Otherwise, alternatively, outsourcing ingredients that are kosher from suppliers such as Continental Kosher Butchers may be the best option.

There are lots of Sydney kosher restaurants some of the most popular include:

  • Bondi Pizza Gallery – 69 O’Brien Street, Bondi, NSW
  • Grandma Moses – 105-109 Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW, 
  • ‎Jesse’s Cafe – 443-445 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay, NSW
  • Katzy’s Food Factory – Shop 4/113-117 Hall Street,  Bondi , NSW
  • Stillery Bar and Dining – 33 Cross St, 2028 Double Bay, NSW
  • Alem’s House – 132-134 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, NSW
  • Concrete Jungle – 15 Kensington St, Chippendale, NSW

Here are some of Melbourne’s most popular kosher-friendly restaurants:


  • Cafe Rothschild – 796 Glen Huntly Road , Caulfield South, VIC
  • ‎Daneli’s – 328A Carlisle St Balaclava, Melbourne, VIC 
  • ‎Falafel Omisi – 359 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield, VIC
  • ‎Haymishe Bakery – 320 Carlisle Street, Balaclava, VIC
  • Kleins Kosher Gourmet – 47 Glen Eira Road, Melbourne, VIC
  • Shiloh – 67 Kooyong Rd, Caulfield, Glen Eira, VIC

Melbourne food delivery and groceries: 

Ormond Fresh 

Sydney food delivery and groceries: 

Krinskeys Kosher

Australia wide:

Wholesome Hub

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