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Looking to try a Meal Kit? You’ve come to the right place! We have compiled some of Australia’s best meal kits providers and compared services to provide you with the information needed to choose your next meal!

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Updated July 1, 2024
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How do meal kits work?

Meal kits are a delivery service created to inspire and provide convenience to consumers with arrays of recipes the customer can choose and cook at home with all ingredients pre-proportioned (besides pantry staples i.e. oil, eggs etc) and ready to cook at home!

Meal kits were created to take the stress and time out of shopping for ingredients, sourcing a recipe, measuring portions and eliminating unnecessary waste. A meal kit takes care of all the dreaded steps often associated with cooking and leaves the consumer to enjoy the fun parts of cooking – choosing recipes, how many meals they require and of course cooking! 

Typically, consumers will choose how many people they wish to feed, recipes will show matches for the person count selected and how many meals weekly they would like to receive in their order. There usually are options to tailor generic preferences such as a vegetarian box or meat and vegetables – individual dietary requirements at this stage aren’t commonly catered to. Consumers from there can choose the recipes they wish to cook for the week ahead. The meal kits are delivered straight to your door with all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipe instructions! It is worth noting typically pantry staples such as milk, eggs, oil aren’t included – consumers will be instructed if there is anything required but not included in the meal kits.

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What is the best meal kit delivery service in Australia?


Meal kits are only getting more and more popular! The providers listed above are some of the more popular on the Australian market. What makes a meal kit the ‘best’ we consider the provider ticking the box for consumers wants, such as: a variety of recipes, regularly updated recipe options, competitive pricing, bang for buck, high quality ingredients, minimal to no waste, delivery options and of course – meals that taste delicious! 

With all the above said  HelloFresh is a household name for a reason, they are one of the original meal kits providers to hit the market and have since maintained popularity and preference in a lot of Australian homes. They often have deals and discounts for first-time triers which allows you to try before you buy, or receive meals at a seriously tempting discounted rate!

Are meal kits healthy?

Not always! Everyone’s health looks different, it’s important to understand what is healthy for you and your meal choices before labelling a product under the umbrella term healthy. 

Often people associate pre-prepared meals or meal kits as healthy as a lot of the time they can be linked to a goal-orientated dietary outcome such as weight loss or muscle building – this doesn’t always make a meal ‘healthy’. 

Before committing to a meal kit check the ingredient list and nutritional breakdown to ensure they meet your individual needs. Check out the below for Key factors and pro’s and con’s when comparing meal kit companies.

If you are interested in learning how to correctly identify individual ingredients in your meal kits, read our “How to read a food label in Australia” guide. 

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Are meal kits worth it?

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Many positives come with a meal kit service from the obvious time saving and convenience leaving Australians to focus on other life priorities – they are most popular for the associated waste reduction. As meals are pre-portioned and packaged using minimal packets and eco-friendly wrapping materials this stops consumers from buying bulk ingredients and not utilising ingredients in their entity, forcing them to tuck away half-used packets of food potentially not seeing the light of the day again!   

And yes, it is time-saving. Having a pre-ordered weekly array of meals takes the stress out of thinking about what to make for dinners, but it also keeps mealtimes exciting giving consumers the ability to order new meals or cuisines that they haven’t made before. We’ve all been there when you have eaten the same dinner for weeks and need refreshing!


Most popular meal kit delivery in NSW


HelloFresh offers a range of regularly updated delicious recipes with an option for everyone. Their Meat & Veggies Plan is the most popular plan, however they also offer a vegetarian range which can also be home-tailored to create vegan options. They offer delivery Australia wide, and often have a range of discounts and offers – staying competitive with other providers online!

Most popular meal kit delivery in VIC

Every Plate

EveryPlate offers meal kits focusing on simple recipes with big flavours! They currently consider themselves to be Australia’s cheapest meal kit with meals starting as low as under $5. 

Every Plate gluten free meal kits

Most popular meal kit delivery in QLD


Dinnerly is popular for a reason! They are best known for their affordable meal kits, with wide delivery ranges. Each meal is focused on feeding more for less, utilising fewer ingredients, less paper and minimal packaging. Dinnerly offers two plan types – a two-person box or a family box.

Most popular meal kit delivery in other states

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon offer delivery to most areas in Australia including NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS. They focus on customer convenience and creating inspiration around meal time! All ingredients are locally sourced, pre-portioned and are chosen to eliminate waste around meal preparation. They currently offer a 2-person and 4-person meal kit box!


What are the Pros & Cons of meal kit delivery services?

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Meal Kit Pros

Meal Kit Cons

Key factors when comparing meal kit companies?

When choosing the right option for you, consider the following factors:

Price Per Meal, Per Week

Compare meal kits by cost per serving or per meal! It’s also important to look at the discounted rates that are used to incentivise buying more for less. Ordering multiple meals for the week ahead can be more cost-effective in comparison to just 1-2 dinners a week.  

Sustainability & Environmental Efforts

Compare providers on their efforts in lowering their environmental impacts and making more eco-friendly choices. Most companies will highlight their packaging standards and environmental contributions on their website as it is a huge influence on consumer choices.

Freshness & Quality

Compare providers on the quality and where ingredients are sourced from. There are many providers prioritising sourcing high quality ingredients from local Aussie suppliers and consumers are demanding higher-quality products. There are also more providers leaning towards free-range products through meal kits. 

Meal Customisation

At this stage there aren’t many providers who offer ‘customisation’ or tailoring of meal kits i.e. dietary restrictions, allergies etc.

There are plenty of options around vegetarian boxes, however, specific tailoring isn’t feasible when the production of meal kits are done in bulk to reduce costs.

Meal Kit Delivery FAQs

Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t cater to specific requirements i.e. nut allergies, shellfish allergies, coeliac, pescatarian diets, low fodmap diets etc. 

As meal kits are prepared and portioned using bulk ingredients and set menus meeting individual dietary needs can be out of reach. Especially when considering allergies, preparing meals in the same facility would be too much of a risk to ensure safety and quality assurance.

Everyplate proudly claims to be the most affordable meal kit in Australia starting from as little as $2.39 per plate, followed by Dinnerly starting from $4.85 per serve.

At this stage, there isn’t a huge variety of vegan meal-kit markets. Marley Spoon offers some vegan options throughout their menu, however, not a huge variety.

Having a meal kit is a great way to reduce food waste, as everything is prepared and specific to portion control,  typically avoiding food waste.

Most meal kit providers have made huge efforts to create environmentally conscious steps in reducing waste. According to a University of Michigan Study, Hellofresh’s carbon footprint is 25% lower than meals bought from the grocery store. This can be associated with an efficient supply chain and distribution which in turn lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

At this stage there aren’t any meal kits for one, only a 2-person meal kit offering can be found on the market.

They have the potential to create a lower costing grocery shop! There are still some essentials that are needed from the grocery store such as pantry staples that aren’t included in meal kits such as oil, eggs, butter etc. They also often don’t cater for snacks which you may need to stock up on in your standard grocery shop.

It is unlikely ingredients are frozen in meal kits as most providers pride themselves on using fresh high-quality ingredients. However, this will depend on the provider and you will need to check with the company prior to ordering if this is something you want to avoid.

Pepperleaf has a family box for 4-6 people, 2-5 meals per week.

Every plate has a family box for 4-6 people, 3-6 meals per week.

Not all meal kits come gluten-free you will need to check if the provider offers gluten-free meal alternatives. Hellofresh offers naturally gluten free meal options on their menus which lets consumers choose recipes for the week ahead! 

Hellofresh offers recipes on their weekly menu for consumers to choose a low carb meal from their regularly updated menu. The reduced carb meals will say under 30g carbs and customers can add this to their weekly planned meals. 

Yes! There are many kid-friendly meal options available among meal kit providers, making meal kits the perfect family friendly activity to include the kids in the process! Have kids pick their favourite meal to cook for the week!  Hellofresh have an array of children-friendly recipes that are regularly updated keeping the kids excited each week for new flavours!

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, and you will need to consider your own needs before purchasing a meal kit. We recommend speaking with your trusted health professional before buying a low-calorie meal kit. 

Hellofresh does offer recipes that are under 650kcal, these can be ordered within the weekly rotating meals.