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Product Description

Dinner Twist provides meal kits of fresh ingredients to make recipes designed by local Perth mums come to life in your home kitchen without creating food or plastic waste. 

Ingredients are sourced locally in WA and recipes are family-friendly and easy-to-follow. Each week the available meals-to-order change, delivering a delicious variety of ready-to-make meal kits to your door, with the convenient perk of not needing to waste time planning what to eat or shopping for ingredients. Each week there are:

Sustainability is a priority, and meal kit containers have 100% biodegradable liners and plant-based packaging. Each week they have a new menu of meal kits ready to order, and you can plan orders for up to a month in advance. At the time of writing (June 2024), you can select weekly or fortnightly delivery for a minimum order of $75 plus $9.90 delivery to WA Metro and regional delivery is calculated as per your postcode. There’s also a local pickup option on Monday afternoons in Canning Vale and Fremantle.

Nutrition Rundown

We appreciate the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that enable us to craft delicious meals while minimizing waste! Standout meal options include the Creamy Chicken Mornay with Lemon Rice, the Szechuan Beef Steaks with Brown Rice and Stir-Fried Beans, and the Ratatouille with Cheddar Cheese Dumplings.

You can order meal kit sizes for 2-4+ people so you get to choose whether to order one serving per person or purchase in bulk to enjoy leftovers.

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