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The Marley Spoon meal kits are all about convenience and aim to inspire home style cooking from scratch in 6 steps. Marley Spoon focuses on providing fresh and locally sourced produce (where possible), pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards, delivered so you can create delicious meals from scratch at home.

Alex Hamlin

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Alex Hamlin
Certified Nutritionist

Alex Joy Nutrition is a nutritionist for busy people, with health goals. Alex supports high achievers to reduce stress, eat with balance & create healthy habits through holistic nutrition. Alex focuses on prevention and management through a holistic approach to health and nutrition. As a clinical nutritionist, Alex provides individuals with the tools, education and skills to feel empowered and have control over their own health. She believe's optimal nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness thus a food first approach as a therapy is the basis of practice, paired with holistic treatment. Through evidence-based medicine and individualised treatments Alex provides individuals with an achievable, practical and actionable guide to help individuals reach their health goals and make health a #1 priority.

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Rose Fenasse

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Rose Fenasse
Clinical Nutritionist

Rose is a nutritionist who believes nutritional approaches should be flexible and sustainable for the long-term. Rose’s approach to nutrition is evidence-based and integrative, as she understands her scope of practice and sees value in working alongside other health professionals to compliment her clients most effectively. Rose is passionate about ditching diet cultures and focusing on label-free living, whilst educating clients on how to create healthy and flavour-packed meals. She has a comprehensive understanding of shaping nutritional interventions, meal plans, dietary analysis, whilst coaching clients around ditching diet cultures and embracing all foods without the associated emotional fears often seen with dietary changes. Rose stays up to date with current research looking to science and evidence-based nutritional medicine whilst continually studying to broaden her scope.

Updated October 27, 2023
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How does Marley Spoon work?

From our experience, the Marley Spoon meal selection process is pretty straightforward. Firstly you select the size box – a 2-Person Box or a 4-Person Box – and the number of meals for the week – you can choose 2, 3, 4 or 5. There is an option to make the entire box vegetarian at this stage if you wish. I selected the 2-Person Box with three meals at $12.49 per portion which I believe to be on the more expensive end when it comes to meal kit providers.

After selecting your meal kit, providing delivery details, choosing a delivery date and of course, adding a form of payment, you then have immediate access to 40+ weekly recipes to select from. The large variety of recipes, updated weekly, considers a number of dietary and lifestyle requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, low calorie, fast, healthy, no-added gluten, dairy free and family-friendly. I find the tags and dietary callouts on each recipe really easy to navigate and help to customise your meals for the week. There is also an option, via a few questions, for Marley Spoon to generate recipes to suit your tastes and preferences without looking through the full list of recipes available; however, I chose to select my own.

The three meals I selected included:

Mexican Spiced Chicken with Green Rice Zucchini & Feta
Swedish-Style Lamb Meatballs with Mashed Potato & Snow Peas
Yellow Vegetable Curry with Lime Leaf, Coconut & Cashews
I was particularly excited about the chicken recipe as the photos make it look so delicious!

marley spoon review - delivered box

Our Marley Spoon Experience

Marley Spoon Packaging
Marley Spoon Ingredient packaging

I was very excited when my Marley Spoon delivery arrived as this delivery was carefully factored into my meal prep and planning for the week ahead.

Packaging is sustainable

The meals were carefully arranged within labelled brown paper bags and a cold bag (made from plant-based materials) within the cardboard box. The packaging felt slightly overwhelming whilst I was unpacking each bag as everything was individually portioned and separated for the three meals.

Honestly, it felt like a lot of waste yet I remembered reading on the website that everything is 100% recyclable at home or via a major local supermarket – giving Marley Spoon the tick of sustainability.

Fresh Produce & Clear Recipe Instructions

The vegetables in each bag were fresh and vibrant in colour and the ingredients were separated and labelled clearly per recipe – excluding the cold items. The recipe cards included a time frame and followed the 6 step approach. Nutritional information and allergens were clearly stated on each card as well as any additional pantry ingredients that were needed for each recipe.

Ingredients & Cooking Experience

For the meatball recipe, this ended up being an additional 7 ingredients which I think seems like a lot on top of what was sent. Although Marley Spoon claims a 6 step approach to each meal, their recipes can be labour intensive as it often feels like there is a lot more to do within each of the 6 steps. The portions were generous and all three recipes were flavoursome and satisfying.

Marley Spoon Nutritional Review

Marley Spoon’s recipes are nutritionist approved and ultimately feel healthy and nutrient dense.

Marley Spoon macronutrient review

The recipes I chose included a variety of whole-food ingredients including fresh vegetables, a generous portion of quality protein (animal and plant-based) and a source of complex carbohydrates. The macronutrients for each meal were balanced and listed clearly, per serve on each of the recipe cards. The large variety of recipes available in the selection process covers a range of dietary needs and preferences and it really does seem like there is something for everyone.

Of course, the same goes with any meal provider and meal selection process – It is always important to look at the ingredients and macronutrient profile for each recipe to make healthy choices around what you’re eating. I definitely chose Marley Spoon recipes with lots of vegetables, high in fibre, quality proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Marley Spoon Ingredients Review

The ingredients for each packaged product were listed clearly or alternatively a full list of ingredients is easily accessed via the Ingredient Hub for each recipe and product on the Marley Spoon website. The Ingredient Hub is a great resource if you have allergies or intolerances. Major allergens e.g. gluten, milk, egg etc. are clearly stated on each recipe card and can be identified prior to choosing each recipe.

Compared to other meal kits the ingredients were very fresh and looked vibrant in colour – which is something I am always a bit concerned about when someone else is choosing my produce.

Marley Spoon FAQs

Marley Spoon delivers to most areas in NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, NT and TAS.

The average price per serving for Marley Spoon is approximately $11.99per/serve. The price depends on the number of servings you order per box and is subject to change.

Marley Spoon recipes are Nutritionist approved and focus on healthy, balanced meals using a variety of whole foods. There are a few healthy recipe categories including reduced-carb, low-calorie and nutritious options – providing choices for a range of healthy lifestyles.

At the time of writing (August 2022), when comparing a 2-Person Box with 3 meals per week the price per serving for Marley Spoon is $12.49 per serving and for HelloFresh is $11.66 per serving. At this time HelloFresh is cheaper than Marley Spoon. You can compare meal kit delivery services here.

Overall Rating

Marley Spoon Meal Kit
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Marley Spoon meal kits are all about convenience and aim to inspire home style and healthy cooking from scratch in 6 steps. Whether you want to save time or spark some inspiration in the kitchen, Marley Spoon is suited for everyone.