New to Plant-based Diet? Soulara Might be Perfect For You

Soulara is one of Australia’s pioneer and leading plant-based meal plan services. It features over 250 ingredients with a full range of essential nutrients deriving from natural plant-based ingredients without any flavour enhancers. Thai-Style Tofu and Supercharged Satay are among the top meals with the best quality in terms of flavour and providing nourishment, delivering high customer satisfaction. Soulara meals are available in “Medium” (350g) at $12.75 each and “Large” (450g) at $14 each. These meals can be personalised even further to meet own’s dietary goals such as:

  • High Protein” – Plant-based meals for those who are looking to maintain muscle mass or upkeep fitness performance. Large meals have up to 44g protein whereas medium meals have up to 34g protein.
  • “Calorie-Controlled” – For those looking to lose weight or maintain their body mass, calorie-controlled range has plant-based meals with as low as 292 calories per serving. You can find our guide on how to read a food label in Australia here to assist you in identifying your dietary requirements.

Adding both “Medium” and “Large” meals to the cart is possible with no fixed number of meals. With a miniumum spend of $50, add as many meals as desired. Discounts are available starting from 10% for 10 meals, 15% for 15 meals, and 20% for 20 meals. 

Alternatively, if sticking to one meal size only for the week is preferred, there are “Medium” or “Large” bundle sets available for a discounted price. Medium bundle starts at $86.10 for 7 meal plan or around $12.3 per meal, while the Large bundle starts at $93.03 for 7 meal plan or $13.29 per meal. The bundle sets have varying options with 7, 9, 12, 12, 15, 21 & 24 meals per week with as low as $9.1 per meal on the Medium 24 meal plan. If you sign up for a subscription, meals will be automatically delivered every 7 days. Meals will arrive quicker as soon as 2 days with Express Delivery.

There is also a special bundle consisting of top Soulara meals – the Chef’s Specials. The Favourite 10 bundle features 10 meals at $95 or $9.5 per meal while the Favourite 5 is at $50 or $10 per meal.

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