Weight Loss or Muscle Gain? MACROS Meals to Help You Achieve Your Goal this 2024

MACROS is one of the best meal plan options when it comes to variations and flexibility. It offers more than 50 dishes to choose from, ranging from Mediterranean cuisines to Asian delicacies, and also tailors to specific dietary needs with filters to exclude specific ingredients like dairy or gluten. Fettuccine with Garlic Prawns, Massaman Beef Curry, and Nonna’s Special Meatballs are a must-try. The meals are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Small – 300g meals at $12 each
  • Medium – 350g meals at $12.50 each
  • Large – 450 meals at $14 each

MACROS has no fixed number of meals needed for checkout. With a minimum order of $50, you can pick how many meals to add to your cart. Discounts are also automatically provided for bulk meals on your first order. More meals, the higher the discount, up to 20%.

  • 10 meals – 10% discount (Save up to $14)
  • 15 meals – 15% discount (Save up to $31.5)
  • 20 meals – 20% discount (Save up to $56)

MACROS also offers personalized meal bundles catering to own specific health goals such as:

Weight Loss bundles – One of the popular bundles of MACROS. These meals are designed for those looking to achieve a calorie-deficit. The meal selection features 35 dishes that have been tailored to be at 400 calories or less per serving, including the customer favourites, Chicken Scallopini with Mushrooms and Buffalo Chicken & Mac. These meals are a great choice for those who decide to kick-start this year’s weight loss journey. Starts at $81.20 for the one-time purchase of 7 meal bundle. To further stick to this fitness goal, subscription might work better as the meals will be automatically delivered every 7 days. Available at 7, 10, 15, 18, 21 and 24 meals per week.

Balanced bundles – This plan offers a balanced range of meals for general health and weight management. The meal selection features 40 dishes, that have a balance of whole foods, essential amino acids, and complex carbohydrates while staying high in protein and maintaining calorie control. Starts at $84 for the 7 meal bundle.

Fitness bundles – This bundle’s protein, carbohydrates, and fats are balanced to support post-workout recovery and endurance. Comes in 3 different bundles to choose from.

  • Sculpt – 300g meals lower in carbs. Starts at $81.20 for the 7 meal bundle.
  • Perform – 350g protein-packed meals boosted with carbs. Starts at $84 for the 7 meal bundle.
  • Gain – 400g calorie, carb, and protein-loaded meals. Starts at $95.97 for the 7 meal bundle.

If picking meals is too much of a hassle, MACROS offers two bundles with all the customer favourite meals – Top Ten and Fave Five. Top Ten bundle consists of the top 10 MACROS meals for $100 or around $10 per meal. Fave Five consists of 5 meals at $55 or $11 per meal. Both of these bundles come with free shipping.

For those who are planning to change their lifestyle, MACROS also offers plant-based meals that are worth checking out such as Cauliflower & Chickpea Masala and Protein-Packed Pesto, in addition to the regular meat meals.

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