B(more) by Blackmores

B(more) by Blackmores



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Blackmores has recently just released their newest venture B(more). Blackmores for many consumers is a household name that for years has been a leading provider in supplying Australia with high-quality vitamins and supplements.

The newest addition to Blackmores – B(more) is a vitamin subscription service designed to offer individualised daily sachet packets designed to meet consumer needs after they’ve completed an online health quiz.

Recommendations are made once the consumer has completed their personalised quiz, consumers can chat with a qualified naturopath for further clarifications or questions surrounding their quiz or health concerns.

The health quiz takes approximately 5 minutes and follows similar detailing as other servers including questions around lifestyle, about you and health focus areas. The process is led to the consumers priorities, even allowing them to triage their health concerns necessities.

Once the consumer has completed the quiz process, they are free to checkout with the made suggestions, add-on to the order with any personalised choices or speak to a qualified health professional at Blackmores on their B(more) suggestions. The consumer can choose a one-off purchase that caters to a 28-day pack of sachets, or a subscription-based service at a lowered cost for the intended repeat order.

The sachets are packaged into daily packets and delivered straight to the consumers door for the ultimate convenience.

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