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Blackmores is arguably one of the most popular vitamin brands on shelves in Australia. The company has proudly coined Australia’s title of leading natural health company and are ambitious in developing and producing up-to-date products matching consumer demands and scientifically backed data.

Blackmores products are high-quality ingredients developed by expert team members including naturopaths, chemists, scientists and pharmacy product developers.

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Rose Fenasse
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Rose is a nutritionist who believes nutritional approaches should be flexible and sustainable for the long-term. Rose’s approach to nutrition is evidence-based and integrative, as she understands her scope of practice and sees value in working alongside other health professionals to compliment her clients most effectively. Rose is passionate about ditching diet cultures and focusing on label-free living, whilst educating clients on how to create healthy and flavour-packed meals. She has a comprehensive understanding of shaping nutritional interventions, meal plans, dietary analysis, whilst coaching clients around ditching diet cultures and embracing all foods without the associated emotional fears often seen with dietary changes. Rose stays up to date with current research looking to science and evidence-based nutritional medicine whilst continually studying to broaden her scope.

Updated March 19, 2021
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About Blackmores

Naturopath, Maurice Blackmore is the founder of Blackmores and exudes passion through the brand in providing natural health to connect individuals to natural remedies and lean into the power of delivering alternatives to automated traditional medicine approaches. Blackmores prides themselves on their innovative high-quality products based on their evidence-based application of vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients.

Since 1932 Maurice Blackmore has played an active role in providing naturopathic solutions to ailments that were once unconsidered. Since then, Blackmores has been continually acknowledged for their efforts receiving Australia’s Most Trusted Brand in 2020 for the 12th year in a row.

Blackmore’s headquarters and production warehouse is situated on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, with a head office in Singapore.

Currently, the company has a portfolio of brands, including:

  • Blackmores (Vitamin and supplement brand)
  • BioCeuticals (Practitioner evidence-based vitamin range)
  • Pure Animal Wellbeing (Natural health products for pets)
  • Blackmores Institute (Academic and research centre)
  • Impromy (Pharmacy-based weight management program)

Blackmores boast premium high-quality ingredients that are compliant with Australian manufacturing standards which undergo rigorous testing and quality checks. Their extensive vitamin ranges offer a product for almost everyone, with formulations treating the mildest of health concerns to more specific targeted ailments. Each vitamin and supplement is created by experts complying with standards under the international Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/s) standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Each product is said to undergo more than 30 quality tests and is continuously checked throughout its manufacturing stages with continuous quality monitoring once produced. 

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Blackmores FAQs

Blackmores is an Australian owned vitamin company founded in the 1930s by Maurice Blackmore.

Blackmores continuously is working towards its sustainability goals, a 2020 Blackmores Group Sustainability Report is available here.

Their Corporate Social Responsibility outline highlights focus areas around

  • Clean Energy – beginning a shift to renewable energy to major sites by the end of 2020
  • Net Zero Carbon by 2030 commitment – The group is committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Climate Resilience Action Plan Created
  • Industry Leadership – Blackmores has been recognised with the CMA Sustainability Award 2019. They also have been the first company in the Australian Natural Medicine industry to receive the highest recognition in the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage program.
  • Sustainable Packaging – Blackmores has added clear recycling information to over 100 products and assessed many more utilising the Australasian Recycling Label PREP tool
  • Efficiencies and waste management – New technology has accomplished reducing the need for 20 tonnes of cardboard and eliminated the use of 52,000 single-use bags.


Blackmore products can be found quite easily through several stockists including chemists, supermarkets and health food stores.

Some commonly found retailers include Woolworths, Coles, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Amcal+ and Terry White Chemmart.

Blackmores has recently just launched B(more) a personalised vitamin subscription service that develops recommendations to cater to the consumer for 28 days. The consumer can purchase a one-off order or subscribe to an on-going order.

Blackmores don’t offer functional foods like protein powders at this stage.

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