HelloFresh – Vegan Meal Kit

HelloFresh – Vegan Meal Kit

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Product Description

HelloFresh doesn’t currently offer an exclusive Vegan meal kit, however each week there is a selection of meals with vegetarian and plant-based options to choose from. 

At the time of writing (December 2022) there are at least 5 recipes each week tagged Vegetarian, some of which are Vegan meals. These recipes change weekly. For individuals who are vegan, it would be best to choose the HelloFresh Vegetarian Meal Kit plan

The Vegetarian Meal Kit plan offers a delicious variety of meat-free vegetarian and vegan recipes filled with seasonal vegetables, whole grains and animal-free proteins. Some of our favourite HelloFresh Vegan recipes include: 

  • Aztec Tortilla Bowl 
  • Chinese Sticky Tofu Stir Fry
  • Japanese Miso Eggplant 

All meals within this plan can be further customised based on individual dietary requirements – Naturally gluten-free, family-friendly and calorie smart (<650 calories).

Nutrition Rundown

All meals at HelloFresh are dietitian-approved and aim to follow a balanced style meal structure

Although there is not a purely vegan meal plan available yet, it is simple and easy to omit any animal-based products like cheese or cream in the Vegetarian Meal Kit plan. You can simply leave the ingredients out or replace them with a plant-based option. For example vegan cheese or coconut cream. 

The small number of vegetarian recipes each week may sometimes be limited as the meals may not suit everyone’s tastes and dietary preferences.

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
Yes, No
Delivers To
Yes, No, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Meal Kit
Dietary Requirement
Best For
Health Conscious, Time-poor, Curious
Calories Per Serve

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