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Garden Of Vegan empowers Australians to achieve optimum health by providing plant-based food & nutrition solutions, nationwide. Garden Of Vegan is Australia’s first and only ready-made meals made from 100% certified organic ingredients, completely oil-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Alex Hamlin

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Alex Hamlin
Certified Nutritionist

Alex Joy Nutrition is a nutritionist for busy people, with health goals. Alex supports high achievers to reduce stress, eat with balance & create healthy habits through holistic nutrition. Alex focuses on prevention and management through a holistic approach to health and nutrition. As a clinical nutritionist, Alex provides individuals with the tools, education and skills to feel empowered and have control over their own health. She believe's optimal nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness thus a food first approach as a therapy is the basis of practice, paired with holistic treatment. Through evidence-based medicine and individualised treatments Alex provides individuals with an achievable, practical and actionable guide to help individuals reach their health goals and make health a #1 priority.

Updated March 6, 2023
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