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Garden of Vegan

Garden of Vegan – Gluten Free

Garden of Vegan – Gluten Free


Product Description

Garden of Vegan provides 100% certified organic, whole-food, gluten-free and oil-free, fully vegan meals. Meals are nutrient-dense and curated by chefs, nutritionists, doctors and health professionals to ensure recipes and meals are healthy, and full of complete protein, fibre and a range of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

At the time of writing (March 2023), there are 4 essential meals, 5 comfort meals, 4 gourmet meals, 5 low-calorie meals, 6 breakfast meals, 6 sides, 3 snacks and 9 desserts to choose from. There are also a variety of pantry items and produce boxes available. The menu rotates and uses fresh and local ingredients.

You can easily filter meals (e.g. nut-free) and sort meals by protein, carbohydrate, fat and calories and dietary preferences.

Detailed nutrition information including a macronutrient breakdown, ingredients and heating/storage instructions is readily available for each meal.  They also have our tick of approval for sustainable packaging!

Nutrition Rundown

Garden of Vegan’s meals are 100% gluten-free, nutrient-dense and healthy and use various certified organic ingredients in every meal – setting them apart from other meal providers. All Garden of Vegan meals are prepared in a 100% gluten-free facility to avoid any cross-contamination.

Meals are tasty, filling and delicious and include a variety of delicious flavours and textures. The best part is that all meals are delivered FRESH (not frozen) so you won’t find them to be bland or soggy which is common when meals are frozen and reheated.

Meals are protein packed and include easily digestible plant-based proteins including quinoa, hemp seeds, tofu, tempeh, spirulina, nuts, chia seeds, beans, legumes, seeds and more. 

All meals are 100% certified organic, plant-based and vegan and are fresh, simple, delicious and convenient.

Check out our Nutritionist review of Garden of Vegan here!

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
Yes, No
Delivers To
Yes, No, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Ready to eat
Dietary Requirement
General, Gluten Free, Plant-based, Vegan, Vegetarian
Best For
Health Conscious, Time-poor, Curious
Calories Per Serve

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