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Be Fit Food creates science-back meals and programs to help individuals lose weight. The dietitian-approved meals are based on the ketogenic diet and are high protein, low carb, calorie-controlled and nutrient dense. Be Fit Food is Australia’s leading wholefood very-low-calorie-diet meal program, founded by a bariatric surgeon Dr Geoffrey Draper and a clinical Dietitian Kate Save. I tried Be Fit Food to see if their Doctor and Dietician designed meals are a quick and healthy solution for those looking to lose weight.

Lauren Parchi

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Lauren Parchi
Clinical Nutritionist

Lauren is a qualified clinical nutritionist (BHSc) who has a strong passion for making nutrition easy and accessible for everyone. Lauren uses evidence-based research to inform her content and always aims to distil the latest information, so it is simple and clear for consumers. Lauren also has a passion for plant-based health after adopting a plant-based diet a number of years ago. She uses her experience and knowledge in this area to educate others through recipes and evidence-based content. Lauren has a comprehensive understanding of clinical nutrition and aims to create content that educates and inspires others to make a positive difference to their health.

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Alex Hamlin
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Updated April 10, 2024
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    Dietitian-approved meals based on the ketogenic diet and are low-carb, calorie-controlled and nutrient dense. 800-900 calories per day.


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    There are 2 Keto Programs and Healthy Keto Meal bundles to assist in weight loss. The meals are dietitian-approved, low-carb, ketogenic and calorie-focused.


    10% off your first order! Get Deal
    Be Fit Food creates science-back meals and programs to help individuals lose weight. The dietitian-approved meals are based on the …

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Be Fit Food Pros and Cons

The Good:

The Not So Good:

How does Be Fit Food work?

Be Fit Food meals are designed to bring the body into a mild state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when you reduce your intake of carbohydrates, causing your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates (glucose), ultimately leading to weight loss. Be Fit Food uses a mild ketosis rather than the traditional keto diet due to evidence showing that weight loss results are similar. All research references can be found on their website, boosting their credibility. 

Their meals and programs are scientifically designed by a Doctor and Dietitian, with resources and Dietitian support available for customers to help them achieve healthy, rapid weight loss, and sustain their weight loss. They also have options for people who want to lose weight at a steady rate, as well as those who want to manage their weight. These offerings, make Be Fit Food accessible to almost anyone looking to improve their body composition. 

On their website, you can complete an online survey to determine which Be Fit Food program is right for you based on your goals. The ability to personalise your plan is great as everyone’s weight loss goals are different. Their Weight Loss Programs start from $224.95 and go up to $499.95 for a couples seven-day plan. This does appear to be a more expensive option, however, per meal, the cost equates to approximately $9.53, which is good value for money. When compared to Garden of Vegan who also offer weight loss plans, Be Fit Food is a more affordable option. Their most popular program is a two-week program, where people on average lose 5.89kg (amazing results!).

If their programs don’t sound like the right option for you, Be Fit Food have healthy bundle meals which are excellent value for money – as little as $8.71 per meal. Their standard range of individual meals costs approximately $14.95 which is on the higher end of pricing when compared to the readymade, low-calorie meal options Youfodz or MACROS which are on average $9.95 per meal. Most snacks were priced at $24.95 for a seven-day supply, which is reasonable pricing. There was 30+ savoury meals to choose from, with a smaller range of sweet/breakfast options. All meals look delicious! Of the savoury options, eight were vegetarian friendly and four were vegan friendly. This is a small range in comparison to what is offered by some other readymade meal services including MACROS, and therefore Be Fit Food might not suit those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. You can filter the Be Fit Food menu by ‘gluten free’, ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ however these were the only dietary preferences available. Most other readymade services I have trialled such as My Muscle Chef allow you to filter by a broader range of preferences such as ‘dairy free’, ‘garlic free’ or ‘nut free’, making them more accessible to those following specific diets.

My Be Fit Food Experience

I received a range of pre-selected options:

  • Caramelised Onion & Parmesan Egg Bites – 7 Serve – $24.95
  • P.Nutty Protein Balls – 7 Pack (GF) (V) – $24.95
  • South American ChilI Bean & Vegetables (GF) (V) – $14.95
  • Sunset Crush Smoothie (VG) – $8.95
  • Baked Bean & Feta Bowl (GF) – $14.95
  • Vegan Bolognese (V) – $14.95
  • Naked Burrito Bowl (GF) – $14.95
  • Chilli & Ginger Baked Fish (GF) – $14.95
  • Cauliflower Fried Rice with Chicken – $14.95

My meals arrived well packaged inside an insulted fridge bag. Along with the food, I also received a 14-day Nutrition and Movement Journal and a Be Fit Food Tape Measure. These are great resources for those who are starting out on their weight loss journey – the Nutrition and Movement Journal is particularly beneficial as it encourages people to track their food and how it makes them feel – which is a huge part of creating and changing food habits. 

Each meal was clearly labelled, with the protein, carbohydrate, sodium and calorie content printed on the front of the sleeve. The ingredients list was on the back of each sleeve in small print however it was clear. The allergens were printed in large text making them easily identifiable. Be Fit Food snap freezes their readymade meals, so after defrosting, the meals are advised to be consumed within three days. The best-before dates were located on the inside packing and ranged from September to December of this year if kept frozen. Be Fit Food’s packaging is 100% recyclable. It was great to see that they had considered their environmental impact, making them comparable to readymade meal service Dineamic.

The meals were easy to heat in the microwave but could also be heated in the oven, air fryer and on the stove, allowing for maximum flexibility. Most of the meals tasted good, however, I found the Vegan Bolognese to be very watery and bland, there was also hardly any pasta in the meal (I think I counted three pieces of pasta). Whilst their website states the water content of their meals is due to the use of vegetables, it still makes for a poor eating experience. The colour of some of the meals also looked very bland and unappetising, often looking different to what was depicted on the label. As I am a pescatarian, I gave the two meat options I received to my partner, which he was unable to consume as the meals were dry and had very little flavour. Out of all the meals and snacks I tried, my favourites were P. Nutty Protein Balls and the Chilli & Ginger Baked Fish – the fish in particular was fresh and had vibrant flavours. The portion sizes were adequate despite these being calorie-controlled meals. As the ethos of Be Fit Food is food as medicine, their dishes are low in sodium, contain no added sugar and do not use flavour enhancers. Compared to other services such as My Muscle Chef, which do use additives and some flavour enhancers, their meals are more appealing, however, Be Fit Food is the healthier option.  

Be Fit Food Nutritionist Review

Each meal is based on the principals of a low carbohydrate diet, which Be Fit Food classify as approximately 50-70g per day, with the addition of as many plant-based ingredients as possible from all five food groups. Research does show that a low carbohydrate diet achieves weight loss howevera keto style diet is not suited to everyone.1 Whilst Be Fit Food induces a mild state of ketosis, a long-term state of ketosis is not sustainable for most people, and adherence to such a diet should be consulted by a doctor, particularly if you have diagnosed diabetes. Good quality sources of carbohydrates are not the enemy, they are a valuable source of fuel, however as a short-term solution to weight loss, Be Fit Food may be an appropriate option for some. 

Be Fit Food’s focus on plant-based ingredients is fantastic as these are nutrient powerhouses and are extremely beneficial for our health. Each meal contained minimal additives and preservatives and no added artificial colours or flavours. The low sodium content (less than 0.5g) and no added sugar are standout features of Be Fit Food as some readymade meals contain high amounts of sodium and sugar to add flavour. Overall, the ingredient profile and minimal use of preservatives and additives makes Be Fit Food’s readymade meals one of the better options when compared to similar services Youdfoodz and MACROS. 

In regard to the snacks, the Caramelised Onion & Parmesan Egg Bites contained the most additives and preservatives. Whilst they were delicious and only 80 calories per serve, it would be great if these had more wholefood ingredients to increase their nutritional quality.

The protein content of each readymade meal was adequate containing as much as 25g. Protein is an important macronutrient, especially when weight loss is a focus as protein helps us feel fuller for longer. The smoothie contained 20g of protein from pea protein making this a great option for those who are vegan or lactose-free. The egg bites and P.Nutty Protein Balls contained approximately 5g of protein per serve. Typically, if weight loss is a focus, consuming snacks that are higher in protein (10g+) are recommended to mitigate muscle loss and ensure fullness. 

All meals contained a variety of vegetables – up to 12 different types which is excellent! Vegetables contain fibre which also helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer, promoting a healthy body weight.

The calorie content of the snacks and meals was low, ranging from 80 – 99 calories for snacks and as little as 238 calories for meals. If your goal is weight loss and you choose not to follow Be Fit Food’s Weight Loss program, using these meals in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet would be a suitable way to reduce your overall calories whilst still ensuring you get a good dose of protein and micronutrients from vegetables. Alternatively, following Be Fit Food’s Weight Loss Program will help you achieve a calorie deficit and ultimately weight loss. 


Final thoughts

Whilst the flavour of some of their meals missed the mark, and their vegetarian and vegan options are limited, Be Fit Food readymade meals are an easy option for those looking to kick start their weight loss journey. The ingredient quality of their readymade meals is excellent, in fact superior to Youfoodz and MACROS, and their snack range is suitable for those looking for tasty, on-the-go, low-calorie options. 


Be Fit Food FAQ

Yes, each meal is based on the principals of a low carbohydrate diet, with the addition of as many plant-based ingredients as possible from all five food groups. Their focus on real ingredients, minimal preservatives and additives, no added colours, flavours or sugar and low sodium content means their meals are high-quality. Their meals also contain adequate amounts of protein. However, Be Fit Food’s rapid weight loss programs may not be suited to everyone, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor to ensure it is right for you. Alternatively, their steady weight loss and maintenance programs may be a more suitable option.

Be Fit Food’s Healthy Bundles and Programs offer the best value for money, costing as little as $8.71 per meal. Their individual meals are the more expensive options at $14.95 each.

Whilst the quality of their ingredients is high, Be Fit Food is not positioned as a premium readymade meal service.

Yes, My Muscle Chef offers low carbohydrate / keto style meal plans for weight loss at an affordable price of $149.95 for 18 items. However, the quality of Be Fit Food’s readymade meals is significantly better than My Muscle Chef due to their excellent ingredients, variety of vegetables and adequate protein. Be Fit Food also offers a Dietician service and more menu options compared to My Muscle Chef.


  1. Chawla S, Tessarolo Silva F, Amaral Medeiros S, Mekary RA, Radenkovic D. (2020). The Effect of Low-Fat and Low-Carbohydrate Diets on Weight Loss and Lipid Levels: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Nutrients, 9;12(12):3774. doi: 10.3390/nu12123774.

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Be Fit Food Meal Pros and Cons
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Be Fit Food readymade meals are an easy option for those looking to kick start their weight loss journey. The ingredient quality of their readymade meals is excellent.