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Be Fit Food – NDIS

Be Fit Food – NDIS

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Product Description

Be Fit Food creates science-back meals and programs to help individuals lose weight. The dietitian-approved meals are based on the ketogenic diet and are low-carb, calorie-controlled and nutrient dense

Be Fit Food is an NDIS Meal Provider and can support NDIS Plans if they are Self-Managed, Plan-Managed or Agency-Managed. Meals are at a reduced cost to promote a healthy lifestyle. All NDIS participants only pay 20% of the total cost of a Be Fit Food meal, bringing the cost to below $3 per meal.

Be Fit Food NDIS Funded Meals are nutritionally balanced and designed to help control: 

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar 
  • Cholesterol levels

At the time of writing (Feb 2024), the most popular NDIS Meal Plans are the One-Week Refresh or the Two-Week Metabolism Reset programs. Individual meals, snacks or bundles are also available under the NDIS-funded program. 

There are some individual meals marked as Gluten Free (GF) and Vegetarian (V) available. Nutrition information, macronutrient breakdown and a full list of ingredients and allergens are listed on each product. All meals are frozen and delivered. 

Nutrition Rundown

Be Fit Foods NDIS Funded Meals follow a real food, very low-calorie way of eating. Meals are nutritionally balanced and are snap-frozen for maximum nutritional benefit. Meals are high in protein (minimum of 20g per serving), low in sodium, have no added sugar and include 4-12 veggies in each meal. 

NDIS meals may be small in size however the entire menu is doctor and dietitian designed to support an individual’s health goals.

TIP: Add steamed greens and low-carbohydrate veggies to bulk up meals, increase satiety and boost overall nutrient intake in every meal. 

Check out our Nutritionist review of Be Fit Food here.

Additional Information

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