The Best Vegan-Only Meal Delivery Services

Vegan Meal Services

As more consumers are turning towards more plant-based or vegan based meals – not only for environmental or health reasons but for the convenience and wide array of options now available on the market. For many, cooking 7-days a week doesn’t appeal or simply the time crunch isn’t achievable with many working from home or self-isolating meal delivery services are on the rise and we can see why!

Meal delivery services have come a long way in recent years with menus offering 50+ rotating meal options, including sides, extras and drinks with competitive pricing to stay relevant in a now very competitive market. We’ve selected and compared some of our favourite vegan-only meal delivery services based on price, accessibility, delivery options, menu options and variety.

1. Soulara –

An absolute crowd favourite, Soulara is a household name and rightfully so. Having dove headfirst into the vegan space their team of chefs and nutritionists have created new and inspired meals with a nutritional emphasis on nailing the nutritional concern points for consumers: having enough protein, nutritional balance, meals that create satiety and of course taste great!

The Sydney based team is a strictly vegan meal producing machine, with even their production kitchen only touching vegan foods in-house. They are also a proud NDIS participant and are now available to order in NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD and SA.

2. HerbiDoor

HerbiDoor has made quite the vegan footprint in the vegan meal-delivery service space offering a range of vegan meals, snacks, desserts, drinks and even grocery items like vegan cheeses. All of the meals produced within Herbidoor are vegan and they have been certified by Vegan Australia for their high standards and practices.

The good news continues as Herbidoor are an NDIS participant offering vegan meal services to members. They currently deliver to QLD, WA, TAS, NSW, ACT, SA and VIC. 

3. Garden of Vegan

Garden of Vegan has attracted a lot of attention for their vegan-only meal delivery options, but also their use of 100% organic certified ingredients and gluten-free vegan meals. They also are an NDIS participant – that is a lot of wins in one meal delivery service!

They currently deliver to QLD, WA, TAS, NSW, ACT, SA and VIC. 

4. Pickle N Sprout

Pickle N Sprout is the new kids on the block offering fresh Sydney vegan meal delivery to most southern Sydney suburbs. They are 100% vegan and offer mains, sweets, sides and breakfast items. As always, it’s important to compare meal delivery options based on your individual needs and requirements, for more vegan meal services and information on how to compare meal services check out our vegan meal category.

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