A Nutritionist’s Review of Garden of Vegan’s 2023 Menu

Australian readymade meal service Garden of Vegan has recently updated their menu with a range of new essential, gourmet, comfort, and low-calorie meals.

Garden of Vegan is a convenient, premium vegan readymade meal service. Their new menu includes a variety of delicious readymade meals such as the Moroccan Buddha Bowl, Japanese Nourish Bowl, Enchilada Pie and Low Cal Spaghetti Bol. Their meals are organic, gluten-free, oil-free and free from processed sugars. Their preparation facilities are also now 100% gluten-free. Having previously tried Garden of Vegan, I was impressed with the quality of ingredients and flavour of their meals, so I was excited to sample some of their new menu items. 

My Garden of Vegan Menu Review 

I selected five meals from the menu: 

  • Enchilada Pie (450g)
  • Mac n’ Cheese (300g)
  • Low Cal Spaghetti Bol (300g)
  • Ginger and Sesame Noodle (300g)
  • Loaded Roast Vegetables (300g)

Like the first time I tried Garden of Vegan, the meals arrived well packed in 100% recyclable packaging. All the meals looked delicious! Check out my first review of Garden of Vegan here.

I first tried the Mac n’ Cheese – it looked too good not to eat! This meal contained 24g of protein per 300g serving. The brown rice penne added a good amount of fibre to the meal (12g) and there was a good serving of broccoli included which was fresh and vibrant in colour. I loved this meal! The sauce was creamy and packed with flavour thanks to the onion, garlic and smoked paprika. I have tried a lot of vegan mac n’ cheese alternatives and this is by far, one of the best I have tried. Many vegan mac n’ cheese alternatives contain a range of additives, flavours, and colours to give it the ‘cheesy’ effect, however Garden of Vegan have managed to create a ’cheesy’, nutritious version using only wholefood ingredients, and no preservatives or additives. 

The Ginger and Sesame Noodles was light and fragrant yet extremely satisfying. This meal was also packed full of vegetables such as broccoli, red cabbage, carrot, capsicum, and Bok choy. Previously when trying Garden of Vegan, I found some meals did not contain enough vegetables, so it is great to see that they have improved this. This meal also had a great amount of protein (24g) and was lower in carbohydrates at 21.99g due to the use of black soybean spaghetti.

The Low Cal Spaghetti Bol and Loaded Roast Potatoes had the least amount of protein per serve – 15g and 14g. Whilst the Low Cal Spaghetti is lower in calories, it would have been good to see more protein included to make this meal more satisfying. The Loaded Roast Vegetables is more suited as a side dish in my opinion, or you could simply add a source of protein such as tofu to make it a complete meal. Both meals contained a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices and the flavours were excellent! 

The Enchilada Pie had the most protein out of all the meals at 31.5g and was packed with vegetables! It did contain more carbohydrates (82.8g) however the sources of carbohydrates, such as sweet potato, yellow corn tortilla and black beans, were excellent and provided a good amount of fibre (22.95g). These carbohydrates also help to sustain our energy over a longer period, meaning we stay fuller for longer. This meal is suited to anyone who is more physically active and/or looking to increase their muscle mass. 

Final Thoughts

I would absolutely recommend Garden of Vegan’s new menu to anyone who is interested in high-quality, organic vegan and gluten-free readymade meals. There are options to suit nearly everyone, and the ingredient profile of their meals is still, if not better than when I first tried them. Their meals are packed with flavour and nutrient-dense vegetables, making them a highly nutritious option for those following a plant-based diet.

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