A Nutritionists Review of Youfoodz – FUEL’D Meals

Youfoodz isn’t the new kid on the block, they have gained popularity fast for a reason. Their extensive menu offers a meal option for everyone with lots of opportunities to stock the fridge for easy dinners throughout the busy weeks. Their range includes; regular meals, signature premium meals, FUEL’D large meals, bundles, breakfast, snacks and drinks. You will have no problem finding Youfoodz as they are now stocked in over 4,000 stores across Australia, with popular stockists; Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA, 7 Eleven, IGA and more.

Whether you’re needing meals to assist with fitness-related goals, easy go-to meals for office lunches or simply time-saving meals, Youfoodz has an option for you! We’ve been lucky enough to be sent a selection of meals to try and give our honest opinion on our perceived worth, taste and nutritional value. So follow along, and join us for our take on Youfoodz!

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Shopping for Youfoodz

Shopping online with Youfoodz is simple and fast with consumers able to navigate the site with clear categories of choice from regular meals, FUEL’D meals, bundles, breakfasts, snacks and drinks. Simply choose which meal options or extras you want to try and add to the cart.

The bundle options are a great choice for you to be able to try an array of meals from either the regular menu, FUEL’D or both! The FUEL’D meals start from $10.95 otherwise the bundle starts from $67.70 for a 7 or 10 meal bundle. There is free delivery for minimum spend depending on area codes, consumers can check their delivery options and availability online. They also have Buy Now Pay Later options such as Afterpay and Zip onsite.

Preparation and Cooking

Each meal is clearly labelled with storing and cooking instructions. The meals are super quick to prepare by simply removing the cardboard banner from the outside, peeling the plastic covering, removing any sauce sachets from inside and placing them into the microwave for the specified time preference on the packet or until hot. 

You can eat straight from the container for those who are time poor or simply just want to reduce washing up, otherwise place it on a plate and eat mindfully!


Opening my front door there I found the unmistakable green YouFoodz box sitting in all its glory! I had been out all morning and to my rushed surprise of trying to ensure all the food that was ordered was salvageable everything was iced to perfection. In the box was a range of not only their new FUEL’D range but also their regular meal options, snacks and coffee shot options.

From the FUEL’D meal range I tried:
– FUEL’D Cranberry Roast Pork & Veg
– FUEL’D Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice
– FUEL’D BBQ Pulled Pork

– Peach & Apricot Yoghurt Bite
– Caramel Apple Yoghurt Bite

– Caramel Iced Coffee Shot

Our Picks

FUEL’D Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice

Calories 558
Carbs 76.9g
Protein 34.3g
Fat 11.3g

This meal was by far my favourite of the three FUEL’D options I tried, the rice and chicken were flavoursome. The flavour, textures of the rice, chicken and selected vegetables were all very complimentary to each other and enjoyable. In each meal, there is a sauce sachet to pour fresh over the heated meals, for this meal it was a teriyaki sauce – which I didn’t feel like was needed because the meal was already so flavoursome! I love sauces and condiments or little extras, so to not feel like I needed sauce was a rare occurrence for me. I did choose to squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the top for a hint of freshness and to cut through the salty soy flavours. The portion was giving and satisfying especially after a workout! I did find myself wanting more vegetables throughout the meal as it was a large portion of rice and the carrot, corn and capsicum was a delicious component. 

Nutritionally the meal is high in protein and contains a considerable portion of carbohydrates which creates a great post-training option to replenish and refuel. It would be great to see an ingredient list that prioritised wholefood ingredients and fewer flavour enhancements, colours and thickeners. 

Caramel Apple Yoghurt Bite

Calories 171
Carbs 20.3g
Protein 2.7g
Fat 8.1g

Honestly, the snacks were delicious, especially the Caramel Apple Yoghurt Bites, it tasted like a toffee apple crossed with an apple crumble. They’re a good pre-workout snack for a quick release of energy, the portion was big enough to keep you satisfied without being too full to work out.

Looking into the nutritional panel they contain a large listing of ingredients including preservatives, emulsifiers and flavourings. I try to stick to snacks and meals that focus on wholefood ingredient lists. They are also significantly high in sugar which is a combination of the dried fruit ingredients and sweetener ingredients, I wouldn’t recommend clients to rely on these snacks as a daily option but more of a treat alternative.

Caramel Iced Coffee Shot

Calories 55
Carbs 6.3g
Protein 0.8g
Fat 2.9g

Tastes just as it sounds caramel and coffee = yum. It’s a convenient way of getting a spike of energy on the go. I drank these on the way to work or the gym a few times and it was so much easier than my usual keep cup option filled with an iced latte. 

The iced coffee shot is on oat milk making it a safe option for those who avoid dairy. The ingredient list again contains a lot of ingredients that I’d typically suggest avoiding such as oils, colours, flavours and preservatives where possible.

Value for Money + Size

The FUEL’D meals when considering size and cost are a valuable option for those who like a warm, flavoursome and bigger portion meal! There are plenty of options available on the menu with an option there to suit most taste preferences.

For those who are counting macros and needing to ensure nutrients are followed with larger demands than their regular meals provide, the FUEL’D range is a convenient and cost-effective way of feeding yourself.

Nutritional Takeaways fo YouFoodz

The FUEL’D range offers a macronutrient balanced prepared meal option for those wanting to prioritise volume and higher protein meals. The range offers an array of flavours and animal proteins with an option that would suit most consumers.

I would love to see Youfoodz favour a more wholefood prioritised ingredient list without relying on additives and preservatives to bring meals together. Most meals offer a small portion of vegetables, however, meals favour more starchy vegetables such as potato and sweet potatoes. It would be great to see meals with larger servings of vegetables. If you’re wanting a meal with more vegetables consider adding some steamed vegetables to meals, a handful of baby spinach or even a side salad for a dose of crunch and some needed micronutrients!

I’d also recommend eating from a plate when possible, as it displays the volume of food to you, encourages you to slow down eating and creates a mindful practice when eating. Sometimes when eating from containers it can be hard to connect with what you’re eating and how much you are eating.

Youfoodz FUELD Meal Delivery

Rose Fenasse

Nutritional Value
Product Quality


Youfoodz FUELD range focuses on larger portions, larger protein serves and larger value for money! This meal service is a great option for those needing meals that focus on macronutrient breakdowns, especially those looking for a post-workout meal option to refuel and promote muscle growth.


Try Youfoodz for yourself!

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What is the Youfoodz FUEL’D range?

Youfoodz has introduced a range of large meals designed to provide macro balanced meals with attention to high protein meals to keep consumers satisfied for longer! At the time of writing this (March 2022), there are 30 meals with different animal proteins with a flavour option to satisfy most people. There are some meals available on the FUEL’D range that also are available in the regular sizing menu option.

Is Youfoodz FUEL’D a good post-workout meal option?

Yes! The FUEL’D range is a great option for a post-workout meal. The portion, balanced macronutrients and attention to high protein portions between 30-50g per meal will kickstart muscle replenishment and growth!

How much protein do Youfoodz FUEL’D meals contain?

The FUEL’D range focuses on high protein and larger portion meals. Each meal is different when comparing macronutrients, however, the meals range between 30-50g protein.

What makes the Youfoodz FUEL’D range different to other Youfoodz meals? 

The FUEL’D range is significantly different from Youfoodz regular menu items with a focus on meal portions being larger. The larger meal portions are focused to keep consumers satisfied for longer and meet nutritional requirements for those who may require higher calorie loads, higher protein amounts and so on. This range would be perfect for those wishing to grow muscle, replenish and fuel performance, as well as for just a convenient prepared meal service option.

Are there any vegan Youfoodz FUEL’D meals available?

At this stage, there are only meat options available in the FUEL’D range. Youfoodz however, does have plenty of vege options available. For vegan meals check out our vegan meal delivery page for a range of providers offering vegan-friendly meals.

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