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Gourmet Meals – Salt Reduced Meals

Gourmet Meals – Salt Reduced Meals



Product Description

Gourmet meals are created following the Australian Guidelines for Healthy Eating and the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. They offer Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Reduced Salt and Reduced Fat Options and are proud aged care providers. They are also an NDIS provider.

The meals are designed by nutritionists, dieticians and health practitioners to assist in maintaining a healthy weight and provide meals to those needing assistance with meals or dietary requirements.

They offer large and regular-sized meals suitable for lunch and dinner options, including sides, snacks, desserts and a seasonal menu. At the time of writing this (Feb 2022), there are plenty of salt-reduced food options with meals starting from $7.00, soups starting from $3.50 and dessert options from $4.20.

Nutrition Rundown

Gourmet¬†Meals offers a range of salt-reduced friendly options with consumers able to filter menu lists with ‘salt reduced’ options including an array of other dietary requirements as well. This allows foods to be chosen based on individual requirements which can be often hard to come by with prepared meal providers.

Consumers can compare meals with their nutritional panel, calorie breakdown and ingredient lists available on-site. The ingredient lists do contain additives and flavour enhancers among other things. Each menu item should be assessed and considered based on your circumstances and dietary requirements. All meals are frozen and ready to heat and eat.

TIP: If you want a meal with more vegetables, consider preparing a side of steamed greens or a fresh side salad to increase micronutrients in meals and provide some fresh crunch!

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
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No, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Ready to eat
Dietary Requirement
Low Salt
Best For
Health Conscious, Weight Conscious, NDIS Friendly
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