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Dietlicious – Low Salt Meals

Dietlicious – Low Salt Meals

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Product Description

Dietlicious is a flexible meal service that offers a variety of low salt, ready to eat meals with no contracts and no joining fees to use their service. Dietlicious’s range of low salt meals contain less than 600 mg of sodium. If you like the autonomy of choosing what to order and when, then at the time of writing (May 2024) they offer this flexibility with a minimum order value of $75 plus delivery. 

You can choose from their variety of low salt pre-made meals to build your own meal plan. The sodium amounts are listed in the nutritional information section next to every breakfast, lunch, dinner, side, and snack option so you can pick and choose options to build up to your desired salt intake.

Nutrition Rundown

We love the Delicious low salt meal options with a variety of antioxidant-rich herbs to enrich flavours such as:

  • Chicken Bengali Style with Eggplant and Beans with 361 mg of sodium
  • Thai Red Curry with Salmon, Sweet Potato + Greens with 313 mg of sodium.

There is no need to add additional salt to your meals. If you like to have control over what you eat and plan out your dietary intake with autonomy in choosing your meals and micronutrient intake this is a great fit for you.

There are several reasons individuals choose to follow a low salt diet. Such as:

  • Managing kidney or liver disease (alongside professional guidance)
  • Weight management
  • Supporting blood pressure regulation

Low salt meals may not be the best approach for athletes or in hot areas where people sweat a lot as sodium plays an important part in muscle and nerve function. Any dietary changes should be approached with care and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. 

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
Yes, No
Delivers To
Yes, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Ready to eat
Dietary Requirement
Low Salt
Best For
Health Conscious, Time-poor, Curious
Calories Per Serve

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