A Nutritionists Review of Dineamic Meals

This was a review of Dineamics meals in February 2022 – For a more up-to-date review check out Nutritionist Lauren’s review of Dineamic meals (October 2022) here. 

During what feels like doomsday prepping, and bare shelves are becoming a telltale normality during the pandemic – prepared meal services are becoming a go-to grab at the supermarket. Dineamic admittedly was one of the most visually appealing choices in the supermarket, not only due to their clean aesthetic packaging but also their meal options felt more ‘typical’ dinner/ lunch choices I would make when eating out than your standard meat and three veg meal prep options. 

Dineamic currently are stocked in selected Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Leo’s, Toscano’s and 7 Eleven stores and also can be purchased online. They also offer NDIS-approved meals for those needing healthy, sustainable and accessible meal options. They offer over 80+ meals, suitable for singles, mains for two, soups, snacks and drinks. The menu ranges from delicious risottos, paellas, pastas, curries and so on. There is a meal option for anyone and everyone, with plenty of flavour options to cater to fussy eaters. 

Follow along, we review 3 picks straight off the shelves of Coles and give our honest opinions to help make up your mind for your next meal choice. 

Our Picks

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto – $11.00

This meal is combined with free range chicken, field mushrooms and fresh herbs to bring bright flavors in a rich classic.
– P: 25.6g
– C: 35.3g
– CAL: 313

Malaysian Coconut Chicken with Basmati Rice & Broccoli – $11.00

A malaysian inspired meal featuring free range chicken, lemon grass, lime, chili, ginger and coconut. This flavor explosion is also paired with basmati rice and steam broccoli. 

– P: 25.5g
– C: 21.6g
– CAL: 306

Smokey Chicken with Roasted Chat Potatoes, Corn & Black Bean Salsa – $11.00

This smokey meal is a texan style chicken rubbed in smoky spices and paired with roasted potatoes, corn and black bean salsa. 

– P: 39.6g
– C: 23.8g
– CAL: 428

Shopping for Dineamic

Shopping for Dineamic to me looked a little bit like, what is a good satiating meal I can tuck into at lunch time whilst in the office and what is a delicious hearty dinner option for busy nights after work and the gym. This looked to me like risotto, smoky chicken and Malaysian chicken – these meals looked like the luxe choices among other providers on the shelves. And admittingly, my theory is to choose options that are in demand on shelves as these are probably the most popular choices – so naturally I chose to lead with these options. 

Looking at the portion sizes of these pre packed meals I was impressed with the volume and portion, from sight it looks like these meals will be filling. The presentation looks inviting, the ingredients aren’t all squished together, or clashing and there are even sprinklings of herbs and garnishes which makes my foodie heart warm. The ingredients are fresh not frozen and meals contain whole foods with meats being fresh free-range chicken and pork, grass-fed beef and lamb. Each meal provides adequate to higher portions of protein and good sources of dietary fibre which is perfect for creating satiety with meals keeping you fuller and satisfied for longer!

Preparation and Cooking 

Whether you want to eat straight from their eco-friendly packaging or serve on a plate, preparation of Dineamic is easy. Peel back the meal’s seal a little bit and microwave for 3-4 minutes if fresh or 5-6 minutes if frozen. Mix through and ensure the meal is heated all the way through, sit for a minute or two and serve!

I decided to run with convenience and eat as many time-poor consumers I imagine are eating these meals and ate straight from the container. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed with the taste and not having to clean up afterwards – winning! Don’t forget to recycle! 

Value for Money + Size

Online these meals are retailing for $11.00, however I was lucky enough to find these on the shelves for $9.95 in Coles. These are the perfect fridge filler for those busy days, saving you money on those cheeky take-away options and uber eats temptations. The portions feel filling and are enough for lunch/ dinner times with great serves of protein and dietary fibre. Meals are also designed by dietitians ensuring balanced nutritional serves, you can also add a bit of texture or freshness to the meals with adding some herbs or salad to the side of meals for some added crunch.  

Nutritional Takeaways

Dineamic offers clear nutritional prompts on packaging allowing consumers to see macronutrient breakdowns and calories per meal. This allows for easy buyer journeys especially for those following health and fitness related goals

Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen which helps retain flavour and nutrients. Their dietitian designed meal ranges are dedicated to supplying nutritionally balanced meals, trusted ingredient lists and flavorsome fresh meals. When meals are received they last 7 days before their use by date, giving you plenty of time to enjoy! Otherwise they do last up to 12 weeks frozen from their delivery dates. 

Dineamic Meal Delivery

Rose Fenasse

Nutritional Value
Product Quality


Dineamic meals are a great addition for those wanting to include convenient, nutritionally balanced and tasty meals to their weekly meal routine.



Can you order a one-off Dineamic meal online?

Yes there are no lock-in subscriptions, you can order off meal plans, build-your own packs. 

Which Stockists can I get Dineamic meals from?

You can find Dineamic meals in selected Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Leo’s, Toscano’s and 7 Eleven stores. 

Are the Dineamic meal options allergy safe? 

Dineamic meals aren’t safe for those with life threatening allergies. Their meals state they may contain allergens i.e. nuts. 

Are Dineamic NDIS approved?

Yes! Dineamic are NDIS approved, consumers can get a quote online with the quote generator and submit their request to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) or your plan manager for approval and following steps. Dineamic delivers NDIS meals to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. 

Do Dineamic have vegan meals? 

Yes Dineamic offer vegan meals such as their Indian Vegetable Curry With Basmati Rice and Pumpkin & Kale Risotto.

Where does Dineamic deliver to?

Dineamic delivers to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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