Blackmore launches a personalised Vitamin Subscription service called B(more)

b(more) vitamins by blackmores

Blackmore launches a personalised Vitamin Subscription service called B(more)

Blackmores, one of Australia’s leading vitamin and supplement providers has just announced their entry into the world of vitamin subscription services. A concept that still is fresh to Australian markets but has received much interest and popularity overseas.

A vitamin subscription service essentially is a grouping of recommended vitamins or supplements made from a completed consumer quiz. The company compiles a selection of vitamins based on the supplied customer responses based around lifestyle, nutrition, health goal questions. The suggestions are personalised enough to cater to the consumers wants without introducing too specific to follow or intimidating instructions or recommendations. The vitamins are arranged into daily sachet packets that service the consumer for a month and can be arranged for a one-off order or an ongoing subscription.

The ideology behind vitamin subscriptions is to eliminate the intimidation or confusion consumers often feel searching aisles for the perfect vitamin and the right dose. Often searching for vitamins is an overwhelming experience from comparing brands, prices, dosages, ingredients and implicated uses can lead to incorrect purchases or aborted purchases all together.

B(more) is Blackmores introduction into the vitamin subscription market, and with its reputable market position and household name consumers are turning heads. Blackmores impeccable timing with COVID restrictions and more time usage online consumers can easily make health investments right from the comfort of their couch.

Like other vitamin subscription services such as vitable, the process is 5 minutes on average and requires very basic information like the consumers goals, current concerns and their prioritising aims. Once the consumer has completed the quiz a recommendation is made, and consumers can choose either a one-off order for 28-days or an on-going subscription order at an incentivised price. And if that wasn’t easy enough, delivery is arranged straight to customers’ doorstep.

Of course, with these types of services naturally apprehension or the need for clarifying recommendations may be required. B(more) offers consumers the opportunity to chat with a naturopath online through a web-chat based messenger or by phone for further information on their order.

What else is on the cards for Blackmores?

As we know, Blackmores is always innovative and quick to jump on improving their consumers’ experience whether its adapting to new digital shopping experiences such as B(more) or showing more social presence on sites such as Instagram.

A new venture Blackmores isn’t shying away from is introducing their footprint into vitamins for pets. Not only can owners maintain their health with their vitamins, they can also buy PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) for their pets too. Blackmores calls their PAW range an innovative range of products created by vets and in their true testament to their holistic company values inspires products from nature. The PAW products include but are not limited to shampoo’s, vitamin powders, chews, oils and mists – catering to an array of health categories.

What’s next for Blackmores? As fast and as innovative as they are, Blackmores is a watch this space type of company. We can only anticipate how they continually adapt to spaces so digitally focused and present. But for now, B(more) is on the move!

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