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Bébé Batch

Bébé Batch makes organic, unprocessed and locally sourced baby food delivered frozen. It’s their mission is to empower mummas and provide nutritious, wholesome and organic purees for their babies.

Bébé Batch is Nutritionist approved and uses all 100% organic and unprocessed ingredients with ethical and sustainable farming considered.

Alex Hamlin

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Alex Hamlin
Certified Nutritionist

Alex Joy Nutrition supports busy individuals with health goals, offering holistic nutrition guidance to reduce stress and foster balanced, healthy habits. Specialising in empowering high achievers, Alex emphasises a preventative and management-focused approach to health. As a clinical nutritionist, Alex provides individuals with tools and education for taking control of their health. She advocates for optimal nutrition as the cornerstone of wellness, employing a food-first approach complemented by holistic treatments. With evidence-based practices, Alex offers personalised guidance to help individuals reach their health goals, prioritising health at the forefront. In health content creation, Alex delivers concise, informative, and engaging material rooted in evidence-based practices, educating, inspiring and guiding others on their wellness journey.

Updated August 9, 2022
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    Organic, unprocessed and locally sourced baby food delivered frozen. Bébé Batch uses 100% organic and unprocessed ingredients.



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