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Youfoodz – Muscle Builder Bundle

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Youfoodz – Muscle Builder Bundle


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Product Description

Youfoodz Muscle Builder Bundle features high protein meals that aim to keep you fuller for longer. Youfoodz meals are dietitian-approved and made by chefs. 

At the time of writing (March 2021) you can choose from 7 or 9 large meals or 7 or 9 regular meals. The large range has a high protein portion and are larger in portion size. Meals in this bundle are chosen however you are able to add/remove meals and customise your own bundle. There are a large variety of meals to choose from, all of which are customisable to consider dietary preferences (e.g. vegetarian or no added gluten) and calories per meal. There is also an option to add breakfast, snacks and drinks with any bundle.

Nutrition Rundown

The Muscle Builder Bundle includes a variety of meals to help support satiety by including a higher portion of protein in each meal. All meals are fresh, not frozen and pre-cooked and require reheating before consuming. These balanced meals aim to be healthy and nourishing for the time-poor but health-conscious.

The macronutrients and calories are clearly stated on each meal. The vegetable portions in each meal are smaller than recommended and it would be recommended to add an extra serving of vegetables to each meal. Ingredients lists can be extensive yet this varies from meal to meal – with hidden sugars, preservatives and additives present.

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
Yes, No
Delivers To
No, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Ready to eat
Dietary Requirement
General, High Protein, Vegetarian
Best For
Health Conscious, Fitness Lover, Time-poor, Curious
Calories Per Serve

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