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My Muscle Chef – Keto Friendly Pack

My Muscle Chef – Keto Friendly Pack

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Product Description

My Muscle Chef has created a Keto Friendly Pack to help support individuals on their keto journey. The Keto Friendly Pack is a dedicated keto menu that aims to help turn your fats into fuel whilst following a keto diet and limiting your intake of carbohydrates.

At the time of writing (March 2023) the Keto Friendly Pack is a fixed set of 18 items, featuring 5 Keto meals. Each main meal includes less than 15g of carbohydrates per meal, with plenty of good fats.

Examples of keto-friendly meals on this plan include:

  • Chicken and Cauliflower Bake (15g carbohydrates)
  • Naked Beef Fajitas (13g of carbohydrates)
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken with Pea Mash (14g carbohydrates)
  • Average Macros = 48g Protein, 14g Carbs, 14g Fat

The macronutrient content, ingredients and instructions for the ready-to-eat meals are clearly stated and the site page is easy to navigate.

Nutrition Rundown

My Muscle Chef’s Keto Friendly Pack has been designed to assist the body to turn good fats and protein into energy by limiting carbohydrate intake.

You’re unable to swap or change meals in this pack to suit your dietary tastes or preferences yet it provides a lot of ease for those who are new to creating keto-friendly meals. Meals are frozen and therefore lack a variety of crunchy fresh vegetables.

TIP: Try to add a serving of salad vegetables to your meals.

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Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
Yes, No
Delivers To
Yes, No, Not Fussed
Meal Type
Ready to eat
Dietary Requirement
High Protein, Keto
Best For
Health Conscious, Time-poor, Curious
Calories Per Serve

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