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Foober – Keto Friendly Meals

Foober – Keto Friendly Meals



Product Description

Foober offers low calorie and keto meals including keto meal plans for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Meals are are weight loss focused with an emphasis on creating meals to help consumers meet their health goals.

Foober meals focus on creating meals that use high-quality ingredients, no sugar with worldly-inspired flavours ensuring there is a meal option to suit everyone.

At the time of writing (Jan 2023), there are 40+ keto menu options including meals and snack options. Meals focus on meeting high protein, high fat needs whilst remaining low carb and low-calorie. The average Macros = 21g Protein, 9g Carbs, 31g Fat

Keto meals start at $9.95 and the keto meal plan can be catered to individual needs such as 5-days or 7-day requirements and 2-meals, 3-meals or 4-day requirements. A 2 meal/day with a 5 days/week requirement starts from $112.50 (not including snacks).

Nutrition Rundown

Foober’s focus is on consumers reaching their diet-focused goals such as weight loss, like other keto meals the focus is on serving low-carb and increased-fat meals to keep consumers on par with meeting their dietary requirements whilst keeping consumers satisfied for longer.

Foober displays macronutrient breakdowns including calories on each meal making it easier for consumers to determine which meals suit their individual needs when ordering. This is especially helpful when ordering on a meal plan allowing consumers to track their allowances per day. Foober offers a range of different protein options including chicken, lamb, beef, fish and vegetarian options.

Tip: If you need to increase protein servings in meals, add nuts or seeds to meals or a boiled egg. Be careful to track the macronutrient and calorie breakdown of these added ingredients to ensure it meets your daily keto allowances.

Additional Information

Subscription Frequency
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Ready to eat
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Health Conscious, Time-poor, Weight Conscious
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