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Tiny Beets Foods

Tiny Beets Foods – Baby & Toddler Food

Tiny Beets Foods – Baby & Toddler Food

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Product Description

Tiny Beets Foods offers a range of chef-created baby and toddler foods, made from scratch in Adelaide and delivered in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Their aim is to make it easy to keep your kids healthy!

There are a number of food items available for babies from 4 months old. Each item is categorised by texture – smooth, textured, very textured and finger foods. This makes it really easy to navigate and select appropriate foods for your little one. 

All Tiny Beets Foods are Australian-made with 100% Australian ingredients. All allergens are listed on each item and have information on the nutrition benefits of the ingredients with some Nutrition Information Panels available. 

The food items available are: 

  • The Purees: Each 360g bag has 6 x 60g cubes – approximately 3 servings. 
  • The Finger Foods: Each 300g bay has approximately 25 individual items – approximately 5 servings as snacks. 

There is an option to choose from a Chef Selected Box – with options from ages 4 months+ or you can curate your own menu. 

All Tiny Beets Baby Foods are free of preservatives, additives, fillers, thickeners, artificial colours or flavours. They last in the freezer for 3 months.

Nutrition Rundown

Tiny Beets Foods are a delicious and healthy choice for both babies and toddlers.

I love how each item is categorised by texture and the focus on both single, plain foods for the baby’s first food introduction to different flavour combinations and textures for older babies. All food items are snap frozen making them super nutrient dense. 

There is a great focus on protein and vegetables in the finger foods range – which is great for toddlers. The finger foods are great on their own or can be easily paired with other meals. 

Tiny Beets Foods are a guilt-free and convenient choice for parents – Let’s hope interstate delivery is available soon!

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