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Nourishing Bubs – Baby Food

Nourishing Bubs – Baby Food



Product Description

Nourishing Bubs helps parents raise healthy children with ready-made purees and meals delivered to your doorstep. 

Nourishing Bubs creates food items that are 100% Australian-owned, grown and made. Each food item is created by a Paediatric Dietitian. The vegetables chosen to help babies are exposed to a range of tastes, colours and nutrients. This may also help support a diverse diet as the child develops.

Each pack contains 16 x 25g frozen cube puree vegetable portions (4 of each vegetable). There are different bundles and packs to choose from. 

Nourishing Bubs food items are snap-frozen (to lock in nutrients) and smooth in texture. There are no additives, preservatives, flavours, thickeners or fillers and they use the most natural form of preservation without the need for harmful heat treatment.

Nutrition Rundown

Nourishing Bubs make eating healthy food easy and convenient for parents when starting little ones on solids. 

All items are smooth in texture and perfect for babies who are ready to start solids (between 4-6 months) to 9 months. From 9 months Nourishing Baby products can be used to accompany meals of different textures and flavour combinations.

I love the Bubs Let’s Get Started Bundle – It includes 40 first-taste portions of fruits and vegetables for your little one. It’s easy and convenient for busy parents and saves the peeling, cutting, cooking and pureeing of foods.

TIP: Use the blocks frozen when your baby is teething. Place a cube into a silicon self-feeder and let your baby enjoy frozen.

Additional Information

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Yes, No
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Ready to eat
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Health Conscious, Time-poor

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