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Le Puree – Baby Meal Plans

Le Puree – Baby Meal Plans



Product Description

Le Puree makes fresh, ready-to-eat meals for babies and toddlers. Le Puree uses organic ingredients curated by paediatric nutritionists and approved by paediatricians. Le Puree focuses on providing a variety of nutrients and minerals in each meal to support healthy development. 

Meals are made fresh and delivered frozen. They are all allergen free, dairy free and Non-GMO. 

You can choose from a 16 Meal Puree Plan (4 recipes) or a 24 Meal Puree Plan (6 recipes) in the Baby Meal Plans or alternatively create your own plan. The recipes in the meal plan are rotating. Each recipe is a 400g tray with 12 ‘cubes’ – 4 meals per tray at 3 cubes per meal. 

The best part is you can choose the texture of your baby’s food depending on the age and palatability preferences of your baby. They have 3 texture categories – Smooth, Textured and Chunky. You can also choose delivery time – fortnightly or monthly.

Nutrition Rundown

Le Puree makes fantastic balanced meals full of nutrient-dense foods for your baby. 

All ingredients are 100% organic and the meals are snap-frozen making them extremely nutrient-dense. Le Puree uses clean and high-quality ingredients with no added nasties. I love the great feature on the website to understand the health benefits of each ingredient for your baby. 

Le Puree is a great way to expose your little one to different foods and tastes you may not regularly eat at home. They make it so simple and easy for mummas to heat and feed little ones healthy food.

Additional Information

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Ready to eat
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Health Conscious

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