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The main goal of Be Fit Food is to help Australians to eat themselves better. The Science-backed, dietitian-approved weight loss programs are low carb, calorie-controlled and nutrient-dense to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals.

Created by a bariatric surgeon and accredited dietitian, Be Fit Food offers a number of programs that provide food, resources and support to help individuals lose weight rapidly while still eating nutrient-rich and real food. If your health goal is to lose weight, Be Fit Food is the service for you.

Recipes are created by dietitians and help support the body to switch into nutritional ketosis to help the body burn carbohydrates, feel fuller for longer, increase energy, sleep better and support lower cholesterol levels and balanced blood sugar levels.

Meals come frozen and follow a real food Very Low Calorie Diet meal program with recipes following a Mediterranean style approach, low carbohydrates and 4-12 veggies per serving. Be Fit Food doesn’t add any artificial flavours or sweeteners and ensure low sodium. Meals are made from high quality, fresh ingredients – quality proteins, whole grains and adequate dietary fibre and are aimed to provide essential nutrients.

The scientifically formulated meals control calories and are nutrient balanced, based on the recommended Australian dietary guidelines. Be Fit food advises adding low starch vegetables and salads to meals.

You can choose from 3 signature programs with varying meal inclusions dependant on your weight loss goal. Be Fit Food also offers healthy meal bundles, snacks, extras and kids meals.

Choose to do a program one-off, weekly or monthly with no lock-ins.

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