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Are you looking for keto-friendly meals to deliver straight to your door? Look no further, we have you sorted!  We’ve gathered some of the best Australian keto ready-made meals and compared their services to give you the information you need before purchasing your next meal.

- Updated January 24, 2022
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What is keto

Have you heard people talking about being in ‘ketosis’ or they are ‘keto’, and found yourself scratching your head? They are referring to the metabolic state in which the body:

  • Burns fat instead of the bodies preferred fuel source glucose (or carbohydrates)
  • Fat that is stored within the liver is said to convert into ketones, which replaces glucose as the brain’s energy source
  • Lowers the blood sugar levels significantly, along with insulin levels (insulin is the hormone that transports glucose from the bloodstream into cells).

The purpose of a ketogenic diet (or keto for short) is to achieve ketosis, this ketosis state may be beneficial for those looking to manage epilepsy or seizures. Many keto dieters report having successful weight loss outcomes and may see improvements with prediabetic and type 2 diabetes health outcomes. This can often be contributed to achieving an energy (calorie) deficit which is often because meals are so energy-dense due to high fat and high protein ingredients creating satiating therefore taming appetites.

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Are keto diets healthy?

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A keto diet is often controversially debated among health communities as to whether it is suitable for many dieters and if it is considered ‘healthy’. When following a keto diet one typically eats as low as 20-50g carbohydrates a day. This type of restriction means you may need to remove or strictly limit foods from the diet such as grains, legumes, lentils, including certain vegetables etc. These types of dietary changes (including restrictions) can see negative consequences to health such as digestive issues, constipation, high cholesterol, headache, fatigue, poor relationship with food long-term etc.

It’s important to consider your individual health needs and always consult with a trusted health professional before making any dietary changes.

Are Keto and Low Carb the same?

Keto and low carb aren’t the same! However, it’s understandable how this thought exists as there are similarities many people associate between the two diets. 

The most noticeable difference is that keto diets are much higher in fat and have a much lower carbohydrate requirement than a typical low carb diet. The Harvard School of Health highlights the macronutrient ratio (i.e., the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates) on a keto diet as:

  • 70-80% fat
  • 5-10% carbohydrate
  • 10-20% protein

A low carb diet is less restrictive than a keto diet, with carbohydrates making up for approximately 20% of the diet. Low carb diets will differ per person protocol however carbohydrate allowances on a low carb diet can range anywhere between 20-57 grams per day, depending on individual goals and requirements.

A low carb diet should not promote ketosis due to having a significantly higher protein and carbohydrate content than a keto diet. Therefore, the keto diet and low carb diets have very different metabolic effects.

It’s important to always consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

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What is the cheapest keto meal delivery service?

Meal services are only getting more competitive which leads to providers having to be competitively priced. My Muscle Chef stands out for not only their prices but their variety of meal ranges! They also are available in stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and online!

My Muscle Chef offers a keto-friendly meal range starting from $9.60 per serve.

Most popular keto delivery in NSW

My Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef offers a Keto Friendly Pack, the Pack includes 8 ready to eat meals with the option to add extra items (e.g. frittata and bars). Each main meal includes less than 14g of carbs per meal, with lots of good fats and adequate protein servings. 

Most popular keto delivery in VIC

A Life Plus

A Life Plus caters a  Ketogenic Diet, low carb and high fat, meals available are 3, 5 and 7 day Keto Diet Meal Plans for lunch and/ or dinner. There are also a variety of snacks, drinks, condiments etc. that are keto-friendly that can be added to you order!

A life plus meal plans

Most popular keto delivery in QLD


Foober offer keto and low-calorie meals throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Consumers can order straight from the menu with meals starting from $9.95 or they can order from a meal plan such as their keto meal plan (ketosis fat loss).

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Most popular vegan delivery in other states

Workout Meals 

Workout Meals offer keto meal packs with a 10 meal set of ready made meals starting at $106.30 with free delivery. They currently deliver to most areas in Australia, however, you can check your postcode on their website before ordering. 


What are the Pros & Cons of Keto meal Subscriptions?

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Keto Meal Pros

Keto Meal Cons

Key factors when comparing keto meal delivery providers

​​When choosing the right option for you, consider the following factors:

Keto, Not Low Carb

Ensure you choose meals or options that are ‘keto’ friendly – not a low carb option. A low carb option may not be appropriate for reaching your macronutrients, this will ensure you meet your keto requirements without compromising your carbohydrate allowances throughout the day.

Meal Customisation

Ensure that the meal provider you’re considering caters to your dietary requirements i.e. dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free etc. Following a keto diet as a vegan or vegetarian is challenging, finding a provider that caters to both a keto requirement and a meat-free option may be hard to come across.

Quality & Flavour

Ensure you pick a provider that uses high-quality freshly sourced ingredients! If you’re planning to rely on prepared meals daily it may be beneficial to check the variety in the menus to avoid eating the same meal continuously. Check out customer reviews and feedback on the providers before buying!


Consider the cost versus the value of the meal you’re receiving. Eating keto can become expensive especially utilising ingredients such as high-quality fats and proteins. Buying meals from a prepared meal provider may be a cost effective way of managing not only strict dietary parameters but buying multiple meals often comes at a discounted rate with providers.

Keto Meal Delivery FAQs

A Life Plus, Th1ve, Foober, Dietlicious and My Muscle Chef are all popular keto meal delivery providers. However, My Muscle Chef’s ready-made meals are not only competitively priced, but they are also available at many supermarkets, grocery stores and petrol stations for the ultimate consumer convenience.

There are many reasons someone may want to try a keto diet from assisted management for neurological diseases such as epilepsy and seizures. More commonly people are wanting to try a keto diet to reap the benefits of weight loss and improved blood sugar control, as well as managing prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Check out our weight loss page to explore different providers and their meal offerings.

Currently, there are no keto-friendly meal kit subscriptions available in Australia. To explore our meal kit page you can sort through providers and their offerings to see if there is anything that would match your requirements. 

To compare your options with ease, take our Meal Kit Quiz!

Subscribing to a keto meal delivery service can help support certain health goals, including weight loss and improved metabolic health. However, a keto diet is not for everybody; whether or not it is suitable for you is a conversation you should be having with your health practitioner.

Unfortunately at this stage, there aren’t any providers offering family size options.

Several providers offer dietary requirements to be filtered when choosing a keto meal such as:

  • My Muscle Chef offers the following options: no added dairy, no added eggs, no added gluten, no added nuts, no added seafood
  • Foober offers the following options: no dairy, no gluten, vegetarian

Meal prep is a great way to be prepared for they week ahead, making adhering to a diet easier to manage! Below are some keto meal prep ideas to incorporate into your routine for those busier days. 

  • Boiled Eggs are a great snack or add to meals
  • Cooking a meat source and distributing it throughout the week into meal options such as burrito bowls, meatballs, quiches. 
  • Avocado dip such as guacamole.
  • Scrambled eggs or an omelette can be an easy breakfast or lunch idea

In short any food that is high in carbohydrates needs to be avoided or limited, this can include: 

  • Sugar sweetened beverages i.e sodas, fruit juices, sports drinks, smoothies etc
  • Sugary foods i.e. pastries, cake, ice cream, chocolate, candy etc.
  • Grains i.e. rice, pasta, cereal, breads, oats etc.
  • Most fruit besides berries in small quantities
  • Beans, pulses, legumes i.e. peas, lentils, chickpeas etc.
  • Root vegetables i.e. potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots etc.
  • Sauces (some may include) i.e. barbecue sauce, tomato sauces, mayonaises, teriyaki sauce, chilli sauces etc.
  • Alcohol i.e. beer, wine,mixed drinks

Foods you can eat on a keto diet:

  • meat and fatty fish
  • eggs
  • dairy i.e.butter, cream, cheese 
  • nuts and seeds 
  • healthy oils i.e. extra virgin olive oil,  avocado oil
  • avocados
  • low carbohydrate vegetables i.e. leafy greens,  tomatoes, onions etc.
  • condiments: salt, pepper, herbs, and spices

Starting a keto diet can be intimidating here are some tips to get prepared with:

  • Familiarise yourself with nutritional panels and check for the grams of fat, carbs, and dietary fibre. Work out how these foods fit into your requirements and how much you can have throughout the day. 
  • Meal planning is your best friend – for the ultimate convenience and time-saving plan your week ahead with meals and snacks. This will also help eliminate stress around mealtimes and prevent any slip-ups.
  • Get yourself started with some meal services, keep them in the fridge and freezer as a backup. 
  • When eating out or going to social events consider eating prior or planning with looking into menus or bringing a dish. You can call ahead of time to restaurants to see if they can cater to your requirements.


Move to a FAQ: How do Keto meal delivery services work?

Like other meal delivery services, an online order is placed with your desired quantity and preferences from a fresh keto meal service or a frozen meal delivery service. Once you have placed your order with your chosen provider the estimated delivery date with time windows are sent with delivery made straight to your door!

This allows you to skip the guesswork, meal prep, and clean-up. Simply heat and eat your keto meals, enjoy!