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Whether you want to commit to the keto diet or just give it a go, subscribing to a keto meal delivery service can make this easy. We compare the best prepared keto meal delivery services in Australia so that you can find the one that’s right for you.

- Updated February 6, 2021
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How do Keto meal delivery services work?

After you’ve placed your order, a keto meal delivery service will prepare your meals for you and deliver them (either fresh or frozen, depending on the service) to your door. This allows you to skip the guesswork, meal prep, and clean-up. Simply heat and eat your keto meals with peace of mind that you’re doing it right.

What does keto mean?

‘Keto’ or ‘ketosis’ refers to a metabolic state where: 

  • Your body burns fat instead of carbohydrates (glucose) for energy. 
  • Fat that is stored in the liver is converted into ketones, which replace glucose as an energy source for the brain. 
  • Blood sugar levels significantly lower, along with insulin levels (insulin is the hormone that transports glucose from the bloodstream into cells).

The aim of a keto (short for ‘ketogenic’) diet is for the body to undergo ketosis. While the keto diet was initially designed as a treatment for epilepsy, today it is trending for its potential health benefits – particularly weight loss and improved health outcomes for individuals with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

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What are the Pros & Cons of Keto meal Subscriptions?

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Keto Meal Pros

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Are Keto and Low Carb the same?

It’s important to note that keto and low carb are not the same. Despite some similarities between the keto and low carb diets (such as promoting wholefoods, and cutting out starchy foods), there are also some significant differences.

The main difference is that a keto diet is much higher in fat, and much lower in carbs and protein than a low carb diet. According to the Harvard School of Health, the macronutrient ratio (i.e., the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates) on a keto diet is approximately:

  • 70 to 80% fat
  • 5 to 10% carbohydrate
  • 10 to 20% protein

The low carb diet offers a little more flexibility, with carbohydrates accounting for approximately 20% of the diet. According to the Mayo Clinic,  carbohydrate consumption on a low carb diet ranges from 20 to 57 grams per day, depending on individual goals and requirements.

A low carb diet should not promote ketosis due to having a significantly higher protein and carbohydrate content than a keto diet. Therefore, the keto diet and low carb diet have very different metabolic effects.

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Key factors when comparing keto meal delivery providers

When choosing the right option for you, consider the following factors:

Keto, Not Low Carb

Keep in mind that ‘keto’ and ‘low carb’ are not the same thing. Look specifically for meals labelled ‘keto’; if they aren’t available, you probably need to seek out another meal delivery service that specifically offers keto meals.

Meal Customisation

Check that the meal delivery service you’re looking at caters to your dietary requirements or preferences, such as dairy-free or plant-based. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, it might not be possible to find a keto meal delivery service that meets your requirements (as the keto diet revolves around low carb animal protein). 

Quality & Flavour

These are the factors that either will or won’t have you sticking to your meal delivery subscription. Check out customer reviews of the service to help you determine whether the service deserves your coin. A recommendation from a friend or family member is a bonus. 

The Fine Print

Make sure to read the T&Cs before signing up to a meal delivery service. It’s also worth checking out the FAQs so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Keto Meal Delivery FAQs

A Life Plus, Be Fit Food, and My Muscle Chef all offer keto meal delivery. My Muscle Chef’s ready-made meals are also available at a number of supermarkets and grocery stores. 

There are a number of reasons to go on a keto diet. Although initially designed as a treatment for neurological diseases such as epilepsy, today people are also eating keto to reap the benefits of weight loss and improved blood sugar control. outcomes for individuals with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Currently there are no keto-friendly meal kit subscriptions available in Australia. However there are low carb meal kit subscriptions on the market, so keto meal kit subscriptions might be next. Unlike HelloFresh-style meal kits, the keto meal subscriptions currently available in Australia provide ready-made meals that require zero work from you. 

Some of the top-rated keto-friendly meal delivery services in Sydney include:

  • A Life Plus
  • Be Fit Food
  • My Muscle Chef 

The best one for you will be the one that suits your budget, lifestyle, and taste-preferences. To compare your options with ease, take our Meal Kit Quiz!

The top keto meal delivery services in Melbourne are the same ones you’ll find in Sydney: 

  • A Life Plus
  • Be Fit Food
  • My Muscle Chef 

One size does not fit all, so take our Meal Kit Quiz to figure out which keto meal delivery service is affordable for you, and best for your lifestyle.

Subscribing to a keto meal delivery service can help support certain health goals, including weight loss and improved metabolic health. However, a keto diet is not for everybody; whether or not it is suitable for you is a conversation you should be having with your health practitioner.